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Brownies little world!

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Im still here!!

March 17th 2008 4:33 pm
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Hi all you doggies im little Brownie with a little brown body and a little brown head no wonder they named me little Brownie. I guess if i were black they would have named me little blackey. BOl im not though im brown. Im proud of my name. When i first came in to my family they didnt know what to name me until my human Pa said Brownie would be a good name. He used to have a doggie that looked like me that got killed in the road years ago. That doggie was a girl . Im a boy. But anyway Pa said she looked like me. I would have been proud to have known her. I would have made her a great friend of mine. We could have done so much together. Pa used to go berry picking with his doggie Brownie. Human mom has a picture of her and Pa together. She said that dog loved Pa. She said she saved Pa from getting Snake bit one time. So im very thankful to her although shes not here now. I dont want Pa bit by a snake. He is my Pa and i love him. Hes great him and Granny both are. They are special people. I remember when i was just a puppy i went down to Pa and Grannys chicken house and got into mischief. Human Granny caught me and i told me not to be taking eggs out of her chicken house . So i respected Granny and never did that again. But i did go over the creek banks and get the duck eggs that the duck had layed. BOL. I loved the taste of a fresh egg. I never did go back into the chicken lot though. I loved those eggs but i never got another egg out of there. Oh my the cornbread Granny would throw out to me was the best. I love eating her food she would give me. Human Granny and Pa would always feed me something delicious. I love food. Mmmmm. It is so great. I love left overs . I hope i get an easter egg this year. Last year i didnt get any. But hopefully, this Easter will be great and ill have my whole human family home with me. I love Easter.



Im flattered

February 28th 2008 8:14 am
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HI im so flattered i am one of the diary of the day doggies. I want to thank dogster for the honor. I am very happy about that. I didnt know what to think when i read i was picked. I was just so surprised and happy. I have been thinking about Happy & Rosie. They make such a great couple. Im very proud of them both. I got some snow here and today its starting to melt. I have been playing in it. I love to run in the snow. Im going to go back an play some more. Hope all doggies have a great day.



Dedication & Devotion

February 27th 2008 7:58 am
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Hi all you doggies i want to dedicate this diary entry to two very special doggies in my life. Happy & Rosie may you always have the love that started you, the thrill that keeps you going and the continuing dedication and devotion that it takes to live a happy healthy loving life. I know you two can do it. Thats all it takes no matter who what when where what or who said one thing will always come out on the top of it all if you were to come to such things in life and that is Your love. That can bring you out of all the stuff you have to come by in your doggie lives. So i want you to know just stick in there and you can make it always. Temptation may come along but you dont have to take it cause you will always have your temptation by your side the one you are going to be married too. Just think of why you are together and nothing else will ever matter. But id say you two doggies wont have any problems. But if you do just know all of us doggies will be there for you. We all love both of you and want you to be happy for the rest of your doggies lives and we will all pitch in and help out thats what doggie family is for. We want you to be happy. So a big CONGRATULATIONS!!! goes out to the both of you.

mixed breed from good ole Kentucky



February 25th 2008 3:52 pm
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Happy i just cant believe you and Rosie have such a romantic song . You two are something else. I would love to have a special girlfriend and have her think of nice things like that. Happy shes so special i wish i was in your doggie shoes. Im a little jealous . Cause you have such a beautiful girlfriend and i cant find no girls that mean that much to me . I guess they just dont float my boat. I wish or rather i hope i meet the doggie of me dreams one day soon. Im tired of waiting im a good little doggie but i just cant seem to find the one that i want. I talk to girl doggies but they dont seem to make me feel anything in my heart. When i do ill never let her go. No matter what ill stand by her to the end. I wish id find mine soon.




February 24th 2008 8:15 am
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Well Boss & Foxy got one of the diary of the day doggies im so happy for them . Boss was just talking last night about how doggies have a day . And now him and Foxy has gotten a diary of the day doggie on dogster. WEll that is so cool. Congratulations Boss & Foxy. Way to go .




February 23rd 2008 2:36 pm
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What a lucky doggie Happy is i have to give him credit for finding his one true love in life. Theres really one true love and one that you thought was then you find the right one . But thats not what at all happened to Happy he found his one true love now the first time. Happy had never had a girlfriend before until he met Rosie. She has pepped him up a lot. Rosie really loves him . Now Happy is so much easier going an living life so great . He loves being in love with her. Buddy said he cant stop BOL about her. Oh well i dont know how he feels no doggie has ever loved me like that. I keep hoping and i keep looking but no doggie wants me. I guess i have to just be happy for the other doggies. But if i found the one true doggie that loved me i would take that doggie and love that doggie with all of my little body. I would love to find true love. I wouldnt care if the doggie was 8 years older than me or 9 as long as the doggie was good to me and loved me. I would be so happy like my pal Happy. Well if i ever meet that doggie it will be my world. Ill be true until i turn blue.



My jerky

February 21st 2008 3:21 pm
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I had a great jerky strip today and Rusty tryed to take it from me. He was too late though he thought he would outsmart me and take mine from me i ate it before he could grab it. Gosh that dog can swallow down food faster than anything. Hes so fast. He dont waste any time eating . I wonder if he digests his food good. I try and not have to eat fast but sometimes when i get really good food i have too because if i dont Rusty is there to eat it. So i have to be on the look out at all times. Rusty , Rusty, Rusty, thats what will gobble down my food. Well ive been chewing on my bone i got . But soon as i turn around Rusty will be there to get my bone. I should put a sign on my dog box that says Watch out for the lab named Rusty. Well i love Rusty although he likes to take my bones from me. I remember when he was just a little bitty puppy. Gosh did he outgrow me. He is so much bigger than me now. I am just a little doggie.



It's Monday!!!

February 18th 2008 3:41 pm
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I have been listening to Boss talk about his chance to run for President. I think i should be the doggie President. I was the first one in this family and im a leader. Im the leader of the pack. I love saying that BOL. So Boss your not going to be our doggie President i am. My name is Brownie and if i were President id give all doggies a gift certificate to go and buy there own kind of doggie stuff they like. That would be the best way to do thangs. So what do you think of that???BOL




February 17th 2008 8:00 am
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Ive been watching the wind blow the trees this morning . Also , i seen the cat with the rat. Just like Rusty was talkin about. I hope the cats catch all of the rats. They run all around at night stealing our doggie food. I run out and run them off and then they creep right back anyway. I guess they have to eat too. Although they are rodents. I dont like them though.




February 16th 2008 12:06 pm
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Hi im still here the little doggie Brownie. Im taking it easy today i stay up late all night watching the other night i saw a car going up and down the road slow and i believe they were up to no good. So i kept BOL at them and my whole human family noticed what was going on so they didnt get too much sleep either. I am a good watch dog. I might be little but nothing gets by me.


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