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The adventures of Boadie

Yucky Cold and Snow!

December 6th 2007 4:51 pm
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Well, I guess Pool time is over for good til at least Spring. It snowed like crazy here yesterday and Mom wouldn't let me and my brothers out! What a drag! We even had to stoop to wee weeing on the wee pads by the door! I heard the neighboor girls outside barking and Oh! how I would have loved to go scream at them at the fence! Mom said that they are big girls and they can handle the cold more than us little guys, but she let Big Al out and he doesn't have much hair, of course he had his Parka on and he comes in right away cause he get's cold. I told my brother Pap that we have to go visit his Princess Sassie in Arizona so we can go outside and have a good time! He agrees whole heartedly! Yeah Pap! Of course my brother Bam wants to head south to see his Princess Dixie! Yeah Bam! I don't care where we go as long as I get some warmer weather and pool time! Well, sorry all to sound so crabby, I need to move to an area that's decently warm all year long!

Love to all my fellow Dogsters!
Oh and an extra hug to Choo Choo!





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