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I Have Been Tagged By Bailey One We Miss You!!!

January 4th 2009 5:38 pm
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I have been tagged by Bailey One We Miss You!!!

Here are the rules of the game:

I'm supposed to think of 7 things about myself, and then I am to write them down in a list.

Next I'm supposed to Tag 7 of my furiends, letting them know, either by pawmail or rosette, that they have been Tagged and to read the rules in my Diary if they choose to play.

Sounds like fun to me! I'm honored to be included in a game of Tag!Here are seven things about me.....

1. I was way MORE spoiled than Georgie is!

2. I loved to run and could play soccer for hours!

3. I knew many tricks also. I could roll over on command, lay, sit, sit pretty (flat on my rump back straight as arrow), I could leap thru hoops or over sticks, I shook hands and "played patty cake".


5. I loved to go for LONG bye bye rides and loved McDonalds!!

6. We also had two cats when I was brought home and they were like parents to me. I learned to perch in hedges from them. I would crawl up in them and all you could see were my eyes sticking out watching the yard. The kitties were the reason for my name. I was named after Daniel in the LION'S DEN!! :D:D

7. I was an ESCAPE ARTIST!!! No prison or jail could have secured me!

Hmmm... okay! Now the hard pawt! Choosing just 7 furiends to join me in this game of Tag!

Here is the list of the 7 furiends I am choosing. There is no pawticular reason I have chosen these furs and they are listed in no pawticular order...

1. Piper ILM
3. Bonzer
4. Lady Chewee
5. Holly
6. Haley Belle
7. Cosmo 2

Okay, everypup! Start running (or in the case of us angels, flying) and HAVE FUN!!!


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