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BABY in the w0nderLAN

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New New NEW!!!

October 3rd 2005 8:03 pm
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hahahaa.. mommy bought a lot of new stuffs for me..

i hv new treats.. tat is FRENCH FRIES!!!! *yum yum*..

i hv new bed.. so comfy.. tis was made by mommy's mommy.. hehehee.. but i still prefer to sleep with papa at nite.. i can hug papa.. i can rest my head on papa's shoulder.. i can hv mommy's pillow.. hahahaa.. but day time when every1 out for work.. i'd sleep or play on my new bed.. hehee.. i still love my new bed.. =D

i hv new clothes... 1 blue tee (short sleeves) and 1 pink sleeveless singlet.. but the singlet somehow doesn't seems like for me 1.. the cutting is weird tat it always looks like a off-shoulder singlet.. mommy said is way too sexy for me.. hahahaa.. so she used my collar to fasten the 2 stripes.. hee..

i hv new decorations on my pink singlet.. mommy sewed a flower on it.. nice nice.. tis time papa wouldn't 1 2 say i'm a boy anymore.. i'm a GIRL!!! hehehee..

yest mommy brought me to Wilson Kor Kor's home again.. so fun.. but too bad i didn't get to see Dodi and Kasey.. i miss them..


National Dog Walk 2005

August 7th 2005 8:44 am
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wa's weather is sooooooo hot... i watched on the tv news that singapore is turning 40-years-old!! everybody is celebrating with the nation..

mommy told me there's a National Dog Walk at the West Coast Park...we will be joining the event...Elyn jie jie will bring along Ole n her bf to go with us too!! at first i thought only mommy is gg with me.. suddenly papa came up to drive us there!!! woo hoo!!! today is hot.. but is very fun and happy!!!

at the park there are soooo many barking frens ard.. i'm too busy with socializing ard... can't be bothered wat mommy n papa are shouting behind me... hahaa... i know i'm popular and some kids are jus so jealous of me that they wanted to put up a fight with me...i'm famous for my friendliness...i couldn't a bite from 1 of them n lost a bit of hair.. leaving a ugly hole at the side... but mommy said hopefully it grow back soon...humph!!

but i still enjoyed myself very very much today!!! i like celebrating birthday with the nation n sooo many barking friends.... i wish everyday is a birthday n i get to play as much... hehehee...

thank u mommy n papa!!! i luv ya!!


Not Punk Anymore..

July 17th 2005 6:14 am
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mommy brought me to Uncle Hwee Hwee's shop for cut hair n everything again..she told uncle albert that cut my punky hair on the back..cut short ard the mouth as i always nibbling my own's getting tooooooo long for me..luckily mommy let my legs' hair to grow more..if not..i'd look like a nun again..i still remember how ugly tat was..*phew*

but i hate any1 touching my paws n nails...nw my nails r short thou..they r v sharp...mommy had a few scratches on her neck n arms...sorry mommy...not my fault!!!

however, gd thing was mommy got me a new ball!! hehehee...n a new pack of food!! *yummy*


luv luv mommy

June 26th 2005 11:02 pm
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yest nite papa came home with my scarf...but it looks a little bit different since mommy took it away in the afternoon...then i looked has got my name on it!!! hehehee...must be mommy took back to sew it on for me!! n it has a very nice silvery bell...hee...papa put it on for me...n i looked into the mirror...i look soooo pretty!! heee.... *blush*

thank you, mommy!!! *luv luv*



June 24th 2005 9:30 pm
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poor me!! papa & mommy brought me to the gave me 2 hurts!! ouch!!

but they said it was to me gd for me..mus do it once a could prevent me frm getting heartworms n dunno wat illness...hehee...nvm la...since it is a muz..i also hv no choice..

mommy told vet tat she found 3 ticks on intro them to put the Frontline Spot-on on me..i dunno wat's that leh...mommy havn't put on me yet...i'm nw v anxious abt tat...will it hurt??


Punky Me

April 3rd 2005 7:04 pm
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yo yo yo!! i look so PUNK now..!! papa n mommy brought me to Uncle Hwee Hwee there for haircut yesterday...they decided to shave my back but keep the hair in the middle n let it grow i look like a HORSE...m i a gal or a dog or a horse? gosh...i hv serious identity crisis now...but hey who cares? come, give me tat cookie!! *woof*


Mommy is a lousy runner

December 21st 2004 10:35 pm
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hahahahahaa...i must really admit i'm a GOOD runner..hehee..or may b is mommy jus too lousy...we were running along the riverside...the breeze was so nice...i jus enjoy it sooo much...suddenly mommy pulled me so tight...she couldn't run anymore...she was panting so heavily i could hardly hear what she said....hahahahaa...i was laughing so hard at her...

come mommy...let me be your trainer...u really need some exercise man!!! cannot be so weak la...sigh...


Finally...the sun smiled at me!! =D

December 14th 2004 6:57 pm
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hee...the sun was smiling so happily for the last 2 keeps barking at me urging me to go out n play with it's rays...hehehee...

mommy came home very early jus in time to bring me outside to farewell the was beautiful...^-^

yesterday bryan gor gor & xiaoling jie jie came to walk with me...i heard that bryan gor gor used to live in our estate for more than 20yrs!! n that was way b4 i born!! hehehee... ;p

they r great playing with me n praised tat i m a GOOD RUNNER!!! hehehee...xiaoling jie jie said i can easily helps her to slim down cos running with me is very encouraging and that she hopes to have a good runner like me too!! hehehee...but mommy told her that she doesn't need me...while bryan gor gor should get a runner like me!!! hahahahahaa...mommy was so bad!!! hahahahaaa....but both them laughed...heheheee... XDDD


y o y ???

December 12th 2004 10:12 pm
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y the sky keep crying these few weeks..??? mama said when the sky outside walk walk for me..n tat makes me cry too!!!

last sat was mama's b'day...papa n she promised me to go to some dog park or the east coast park...where i can make new friends...can snap a lot more nice pics...can hv streamboat with them together...BUT...the sky cry AGAIN!!!! wkend gone....*cry*

then at nite when they came home...they told me sunday noon papa having soccer date with his old frens and would bring me along to play on the grass patch there...i was thrilled!!! but then....*cry*...the sky cry AGAIN!!!!!

sigh...when will the sky cheer up again?????


Mommy tried smuggling me yest nite

November 24th 2004 6:27 pm
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mm...yest nite...mommy came home with a very huge bag...i ignored that initially...i thought that was jus a bag...

mommy went into my room...packed those papers on the floor...sweep and mopped my room...then took out my bowl and poured some food for i was eating...she was busy over unpacking the huge bag...after i finished my dry food...she cut a lot of apples for me...*yippie*...papa nvr cut apples for me...heehee...and then she went on to switch on the TV as i munching my yummy apples...but i found a little fishy abt mommy's i stopped and pretended that i was full...she picked up my bowl and put back in my room...telling me those left-over apples i could eat later...

as she was coming out from my room...she kept smiling *evilly* heart beats faster and faster as she picked me up and then the next moment i realised...she put me inside that huge bag!!! and then she zipped up the bag!! left my head popping out...oh my god!!! the zipping sound freak me out!! and then she carried the bag ard the pose in front of papa's mirror...oh shit...we looked so SILLY, ok!!!!! *faint*

i dunno what she was doing...we didn't go out or what...after her "fashion show"...popo came back and she went out...refusing to bring me along...sigh...what's up in the adult's sleeves???

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