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Bella The House Dog

Pawsome Summer!!!

July 4th 2009 12:59 am
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Summer is pretty pawsome around here. I have been playing outside so much with the 'rents that I am wiped out by bed time. I love playing in the water sprinkler. I am not suppose to, but I really have fun chasing Leo our horse. Mom made a cake tonite and accidently dropped a big glob of frosting on the kitchen floor. What a treat that was!!! Have a great Independence Day Sweet Fluffs!!!


OMD!!! Dog Of The Day!!!

April 15th 2008 3:57 am
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OMD I am so excited!!! (tail wagging furiously) I can't believe I got picked for Dog Of The Day!!! Mommy took us out potty like she usually does and when we were done came in to check her email. I got lots of extra hugs BOL!!! I already have a new pup pal request too!!! Dogster is the best place!!! I love all of my friends here!!!


The Best Day Ever!!!

February 3rd 2008 6:26 pm
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The day is winding down and it has been very good!!! I got to chase the horses a little bit and run through the left over snow piles. On Friday night we got a special package from Mia Muah, Teddy CGC, Bruno and furblings. It came from a long ways away. They are just too sweet!!! I loved looking in the box. Every time I see a box now, I think that there is something special inside it just for me BOL!!! Anyway~~~inside was the best surprise ever, kong tennis balls that squeak!!! I love them and walk around chewing on them all day. I always know where they are and can run and get them to play with the rents in a split second. I am really good catching them when the rents throw them straight up in the air in the living room.

Please keep our special buddy Bruno in your prayers to be pain free.


Coyotes Are Howling

January 15th 2008 9:11 pm
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We live out in the country and see lots of wildlife. But there is one animal that we rarely see, the coyotes. After it gets dark, we can hear them though. They howl and bark at each other nonstop. They sound like sirens. There must be several in their pack. Last night they sounded like they were really close. Mommy gets nervous when she takes us out to potty. All three of us want to go in different directions. She said she might have to start taking us out one at a time.


OMD~~~One Of The Diary Picks Of The Day!!!

January 11th 2008 8:11 am
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I am so excited!!! I am one of the diary picks of the day!!! I feel so honored. I got a special note from a special pup telling me about it. I also got a request to join a new group. Mommy said she will help me join tonight after work. This morning I got extra pupcorn and a peanut butter buddy cookie.


Sis-Peep Home

January 10th 2008 4:38 pm
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My sis-peep is home from college this week. I get so excited to see her. She takes me jogging with her. I have finally figured out what toys are for. They seem to last longer when I don't tear them to shreds and de-squeaker them. Mommy throws them away the second she sees fluff flying around. My fav toy is still a tennis ball. I like squeezing it between my teeth. I was meant to be an indoors pup, let me tell you!!! This is diffently the life!!!


My First Thanksgiving At My New Home

November 23rd 2007 8:40 pm
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This is my first Thanksgiving at my new home. I love being an indoor dog now. That is at the top of my thankful for list!!! It is so nice. First we had airconditioning this summer and I got to stay so cool. Today we had our first snow. I didn't even know that it was snowing outside until I got up from my nap on the heated tile floor and went OUTSIDE to potty. Big white fluffy flakes were falling from the sky. I am so thankful that I will be watching it snow from a window this year instead of making my bed in it. I never had any playmates before and now I have a bunch!!! I am thankful for my sis Marcie and Cokie. I have cousins who come play often, Petey and Marley. My Aunt Steph loves me, she was here this week spoiling me. My food and water bowls never run dry and I even got a few bites of turkey yesterday. Oh yes my mom let me lick the top of a cool whip lid. Heaven~~~who knew this all existed INSIDE!!! I wish everypup could find a forever home like me!!!

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