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February 23rd 2009 12:35 pm
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O ! It is a BEAUTIFUL day, today * The sun is shinning & I have been doing a lot of Sun Bathing on my front porch * Its a 'lil breezy and cool in the shade, but its a really nice day * GOSH ! My mommy really stepped off into a DEEP HOLE lasterday when she brought up the ARTICLE on that thingie called a SWIFFER WET JET * DANG ! You wood have thought she had KILLED something on Dogster * Who knew this had been around Dogster ever since that thingie was born * I sure didn't, Many Paws got so upset with me and I don't even no what a WET JET is, much less a SWIFFER* All I no is, mommy says they might be DANGEROUS to have around the house and so that's good enough Information for me * WHEW ! But, I sure got a lot of tore up mail * Paws from everywhere started coming out of their dawg houses and they started digging BIG DEEP HOLES everywhere * That thing must have it own FAN CLUB 'cause they all came after me like on " THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD " Movies * GOSH ! AH'MIGHTY ! I never knew there was so many MEAN DAWGS on Dogster, but, I found out the hard way, own my own, that there sure are a lot of mean dawgs out there and you better be careful if you try to do something nice for them, they will BITE your HEAD OFF just 'cause they have already heard about it *My mommy was only trying to be a PROTECTIVE CHI MOM (like she always has been) for us Furs and Humans * I just licked her a LOT and I thought she done a very nice thing to let others no what could happen if Pawrents owned that thingie * Mommy doesn't allow us to be around any Chemicals at all , anyway, so we don't have to worry 'bout that thingie being in our house * TMD ! I don't no what that thing is, but, I do no I don't want one * They 'cause way to much TROUBLE * Paws don't even like the mention of its name *
I really don't no why they get so upset at the mention of its name, 'cause I think I no a DAWG by the name of SWIFFER * later, Mojo



February 20th 2009 10:30 am
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GOSH ! I just woke up and Sierra is BARKING like a RABID - DAWG ! She just told me I got " DIARY PICK OF THE DAY " ! WOW ! I got 'ta go BARK IT - UP with her *
* THANK YOU ! DOGSTER ! For this " HONOR " WE WUV U ! *
I'm so HAPPY I just can't stop chasing my tail ! What a GREAT " HONOR " this is from DOGSTER ! THANK YOU ! DOGSTER ! So very much !
WOO - OOO ! HOO - OOO ! I'm so EXCITED ! I've just got 'ta go t'air sumpin up !
later, Mojo



February 18th 2009 5:14 pm
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Its a BEAUTIFUL DAY ! WARM,SUNNY & PURRTY FLOWERS ! What more could you ask for,Expect if Sierra don't quit running through mommy's Flowers we're not going to have any to smell * GOSH ! I got to smell them once and they smell so sweet to me ,and they also made me sneeze too * I have been Sun Bathing today on my front porch most of the day * Mommy's been reading and catching some rays with me, too * It sure does feel like Spring outside today, but we're suppose to have another Norther come in this weekend and its going to get cold again for a few days , DANG ! I wish it wood stay purrty like it is today * My mommy has birdhouses around our house and the birds are building their nests in them to lay their eggs soon * I will have New Baby Birds to watch this Spring and Sierra will have more flowers to run in, too * I'm ready for Spring and the New Baby Birds, and lots more Flowers too * I just Lv to hear the birds sing while I nap in the Sun * I just can't wait till Spring gets here * later, Mojo



February 16th 2009 2:27 pm
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This morn'n it was Cloudy and Cold and UGLY ~ But, by afternoon, the Sun started shinning and it warmed up a bit, in just a few minutes it turned out to be a purrty day * I went out an sniffed around some * Mommy has been napping off & on all day with me & Sierra * She has really been tired * I sniffed up a spot that smelt new to me * I dug it out , only to find a 'ol rotten Pecan * GOSH ! I thought it might be an 'ol bone or something * As usual mommy took it away from me , She said the last thing she needed is to have to take me to a Hospital to have a Pecan Shell removed from my 'lil Belly * HOLY ! HOWLS ! I woodn't like for her to have to do that , EITHER * Anyway, I sniffed some 'ol leaves in a pile & Back Scratched them out * I did such a good job of it the leaves went flying over my 'lil head * Mommy got a good laugh out of that and Sierra ran over to sniff the 'ol wet dirt * DANG ! I wish GRRRLS wood dig out their own spot to sniff * I worked hard on getting that dirt dug up and right under my paws was Sierra just sniff ' n it all up * I'm going to go find and dig up a 'ol CAT Potty Spot an see how Sierra likes sniff ' n that ,With my luck, she'll probably like it * later, Mojo



February 15th 2009 12:59 pm
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O ! GOSH ! Mommy is getting so behind on our Diary, But I have to let her slide on this 'cause our New Gran~Baby is here * YEP ! She was born Feb. 12 th. at 7:45 a.m. last Thurs. * She was 2 weeks and one day early * She just missed being born on Friday the 13 th. & was short of being a Valentines Baby * She weighed 6 lbs. 7 1/2 ozs. and is 19" long * She is SO BEAUTIFUL * She is a TAIL WAGGING IMAGE of my Human Bubba * He is such a PROUD DADDY * Mommy & Baby are doing just GREAT an they are all home now and soon I will get to meet her * Mommy has been helping out with the Baby 'cause this is my Bubba's first Baby * Mommy & PROUD Daddy & My Sissy have been working on her Nursery, 'cause they didn't get finished with it before she was born * She tricked all of them into thinking they had plenty of time to finish it before she was born * I got 'ta go dig me up a nap 'cause Mommy says when the Baby comes to visit us I will have to get use to her Cry ! HUH ! WHAT ! As if Sierra's WHINING isn't enough ! GOSH ! What us GUY'S have to put up with out of you SWEET 'LIL GRRRLS ! later, Mojo



February 9th 2009 3:46 am
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GOSH ! The wind is BLOWING HARD and its starting to rain too * Its 67' an its going to be a rainy messy day * I got my duties done just in time , I could smell the rain coming and really we sure did need it * It has been so dry here and our 'lil Town has a NO BURN Warning out ,too * I sure do hope no Human FLIPS A CIG OUT of their Car or STRIKES A MATCH * I have been Sneezing 'cause its been so dry & dusty * Even with the ice we got it has soaked right in * Mommy says this will be so good for her Flowers tho, BUT, it ain't so good for getting the duties done * I'm just going to snuggle up with Sierra & watch Dawggie Movies * This is a good, DIG UP A NAP DAY * later, Mojo



February 8th 2009 6:00 am
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GOSH ! Its cloudy and humid this morn'n at 70' , the air is thick and damp *
I guess I will just be lazy again today with Daddy * Mommy has another Baby Shower to go to and she will be gone most of the day * I won't get to Sun Bathe 'cause Mr.Sun isn't going to be here at my house and later its going to be raining , so no Sun for me today * I guess Mr.Winter is trying to go back home, its kind'a hard to tell with TEXAS Weather, Ya'no ! But, all of mommy's flower bulbs are coming up an blooming and she hopes this isn't a Mr. Winter Trick , tho * I no Winter isn't over yet, because we always have the last frost around Easter, that's when we can say Mr.Winter is gone * I sure am ready for Spring , But, I'm not ready for 100' an the AC on, I think I wood LV to live on an Island * There it stays warm year round & there's WA-WA EVERYWHERE ! YEAH ! That's where I want to LIVE ! later, Mojo



February 4th 2009 6:15 am
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BURRRRRRRRRRRR ! Its COLD ! The sky is clear and Mr. Sun is waking up, BUT, Its CCCOOOLD ! I will be happy when Mr. Sun is standing up straight in his sky so he can warm up my yard outside * When it warms up, if it does, after my BATH (YAY ! A BATH !) I'm going to Sun Bathe on my front porch again * I will have to dry real good first ,tho * Today is my human Bubba's Birthday * I was thinking it wood be sweet if our new Baby could come on his Birthday, But, I don't want her to come to early, tho * So, I will just keep waiting on her to get here * Me ,Sierra & mommy are just going to snuggle up and watch movies until it warms up outside * Mommy said she wished she had some CHILLY made ready to eat 'cause its a good day for Chilly & Crackers * GOSH ! We ain't had Barkfast YET ! And she's wanting CHILLY ! DANG ! I wood just like to have my Barkfast before I start thinking about HOT CHILLY ! My 'lil tummy wood really be GROWLING if I started my day off with that HOT stuff ! O ! DARN ! I got 'ta go see who's in my front yard, Sierra says someone is here, later, Mojo



February 2nd 2009 4:10 pm
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WHEW ! It sure was a BEAUTIFUL DAY, today * It was kind'a chilly, but it sure was SUNSHINY ! I got to Sun Bathe on my front porch and it sure felt GOOD ! I saw a Fur-Neighbor passing by and barked at him, but he couldn't stay long * His Mom was looking for him and she stopped to talk to my mommy * My mommy told her which way he was headed from stopping by my house for a quick visit an a Snack, so then she left to go get him down the road * I hope she found him 'cause he is a real SWEETIE * It will be getting REALLY COLD tonight and he will need to be home where its warm with his Mom * GOSH ! It sure is a lot of work for Human Grand-Mommy's when they are expecting a New Human Grand- Baby * My mommy has been busy for MONTHS ! The Grand-Baby is due in 2-3 weeks and my mommy is running in circles around herself * Its our Bubba's First Baby * I have another bedroom in my house and mommy has been cleaning & decorating it for our New Baby Grrrl * I have many bedrooms in my house, but mommy wants her to have the one closest to hers * Mommy even put one of our beds in it too , so Me & Sierra can sleep in there with Her & mommy when she spends the night * My mommy never leaves us out on anything going on in our Family * She always includes us in everything that goes on in the Family 'cause we're her Babies TOO ! Got 'ta go see who's at tha DANG DOOR ! I hope it ain't that PINK STORK ! Its not time YET ! later, Mojo



January 28th 2009 7:41 am
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BURRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! Its COLDER than the WELL DIGGER'S BUTT !
This morn'n it is 19' and the ground is covered in ICE ! 'Bout 3 inches of it TOO ! GOSH ! Daddy went into work late and it took him along time to get there too * When mommy took me out to do the duties I thought it had SNOWED ! I thought , YAY ! SNOW ! THEN ! When my 'lil Paws hit that ICE, I thought, NO ! YAY ! Its NOT SNOW ! WHOA ! Its DANG ! ICE ! HECK ! I wanted SNOW ! O ! WELL ! Its PURRTY ! tho * I got my duties done and got back into the house as fast as I could run * And that wasn't very FAST ! EITHER ! I slipped & slid to the front porch * Ya'no ! TEXANS can't MOTIVATE very well on ICE ! I hope all you sweet Paws that have a lot of Ice & Snow don't loose you ELECTRO ! I'm hoping we don't either ! Stay WARM ! SWEETIES ! I'm staying on my electric pad where it is really WARM ! That's where I'm going to be ALL DAY ! WELL ! Also watching a movie with Sierra too ! later, Mojo

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