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April 5th 2009 6:19 am
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GOSH ! ALMIGHTY ! This DANG WIND is blowing 20-35 mph at my house today * I went to bed with all my windows up in my house, it was 75' @9:00 p.m. and not a breath of air stirring, it was a bit humid too * Me & mommy woke up @ 4:oo a.m. this morn'n and it was FREEZING COLD ! The wind is blowing straight out of the north and it is COLD ! I ran with mommy all over the house putting down windows so mommy could turned the heat on so we wood get warm * After we got that all done me & mommy went right back to bed and snuggled in with Sierra under the covers *Its clear and the Sun is shinning, but, its COLD & Windy * TMD ! I got to play outside a lot lasterday * It was a BEEUTIFUL day! * Daddy took pictures of me & Sierra outside while mommy was gone to Garage Sales * Mommy LV'S Garage Sales * I saw a new Kitty in our yard and I chased him to our Garden shed * He was new to us and he wasn't scared of Me & Sierra at all * He ran out into our pasture when I came around to the door of our shed * When mommy got home she put out some food for him * I'm going to look for him today, if the DANG WIND slows down *I just can't take that WIND blowing up my tail when I'm trying to concentrate on my BUSINESS or Sniffing up a trail * It just makes me want to TUCK & RUN ! Got 'ta GO ! Its BARKFAST TIME ! later, Mojo



March 29th 2009 7:33 am
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YEP ! My SNOW is GONE * It only lasted a 'lil while , BUT, At least I got some * Today the Sun is Shining bright and its going to be in the 70's * GO FIGURE ! Texas Weather changes every minute, TMD ! My mommy stays prepared for it * One day I have to wear my coat & the next day I get to go NA'KID ! You just never no what tomorrow is going to be like , HOT - COLD ? Which will it be ? I DUN ' NO ! I just wait and see what mommy's going to put on me for the day * BUT, When she opens that front door, I can usually tell what to look forward to outside * I'm just HAPPY that when the Snow left, it took all that mean Wind with it ! Its going to be a BEEUTIFUL DAY & I'm going to Soak up the Beams & nap in the warm SUN while mommy sweeps the front porch * later, Mojo



March 28th 2009 3:22 am
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GOSH ! ALMIGHTY ! I barked to all of you 'bout this TEXAS WEATHER and this morn'n its SNOWING at my house ! YEP ! I told you'al this TEXAS WEATHER is CRAZY ! Mommy got up early this morn'n with Daddy, 'cause he had to go to work and when he went out to leave, he came back in and said, ITS SNOWING ! WOO-oooo ! HOO-oooo ! Me and Sierra hit the floor ! * DANG ! I got SNOW this SPRING instead of this WINTER ! I almost had a WHITE EASTER ! BOL ! I got 'ta GO ! Mommy open the shades and turned on the outside lights so Me & Sierra can watch it SNOW * The Snow flakes are BIG and it is really coming down ! I hope I can build a Snowman later when it gets daylight ! OOOPS ! I guess I should build a SNOW WABBIT instead of a Snowman ! BOL ! WOW ! Almost a WHITE EASTER ! Wood'nt that of been some'thin ! HOLY HOWL'S ! TEXAS WEATHER , YOU GOT ' TA LV IT ! later, Mojo



March 25th 2009 12:19 pm
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GOSH ! Its been a few days since I wrote in my Diary * Mommy has been doing some SPRING CLEANING and she hasn't been typing in my Diary much EITHER ! Its a COLD & CLOUDY DAY * Its going to get COLDER this weekend, too * I have been watching mommy do her cleaning & making sure she doesn't decide to WASH my bed * I don't think it SMELLS and I no its not DIRTY ! EITHER ! I have to watch her tho, She's on a CLEANING BENG and when this happens, she will wash you if you sit in one place to long * She has been washing everything and running that FLOOR SUCKER like this house has NEVER been CLEANED in YEARS ! * She has washed every throw rug in my house * I just no my bed is going to be next, its just a matter of time * Got ' ta GO ! , ITS THUNDERING ! AGAIN ! DARN IT ! later, Mojo



March 16th 2009 11:08 pm
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WHEW ! Is my 'lil self worn OUT ! I have been outside a LOT today * Its been so PURDY & NO WIND ! YAY ! It got up to 80' and LOTS of SUNSHINE ,too * I just soaked up all the Sun Shine I could get * I spent the evening with my Sierra & Daddy while mommy went to my Bubba's house to visit and play with our New Baby~ GRRRL * I'm ready for mommy to go to bed so I can too, I need to get my spot in bed all dug up good to snuggle in for the night * I sure we will have to watch a movie before mommy will go to bed * I'm so tired, I can't hardly hold my 'lil eyes open * Its going to take mommy a while to settle down * She's been playing with the Baby all evening and she is still wanting to play * GOSH ! My 'lil self is to tired to play hide from me * I'm full of Sun Shine and I'm ready for bed, but, mommy sure does smell good * She smells just like our New Baby~GRRRL * I just can't wait to get to LICK her * I no she is going to be DELICIOUS ! I have to go to bed now, I'm just about to fall asleep * later, Mojo



March 11th 2009 10:55 am
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GOSH ! The WIND at my house is still BLOWING ! Its been blowing for over a week and we are very,very, DRY ! BUT ! Lasterday evening a Norther blew in and this morn'n it is 49' Cloudy,Cold,Raining and the DARN WIND is still BLOWING MEAN ! HECK ! I'm just going to dig up my bed and watch movies * Can't even go Potty without getting BLOWN AWAY ! And WET ! TOO !
later, Mojo



March 7th 2009 3:19 pm
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YEP ! I saw my Wild Wabbits today and they said Easter was just around the corner * WOW ! I can't wait ! That means BOILED EGGS & DEVILED EGGS ! TOO ! WOO-oooo ! HOO-oooo ! I just Lv my WILD WABITTS ! And I LV EGGS ! TOO ! I have been outside a lot today, and all my 'lil Wild Rabbits are running and jumping everywhere, all over my yard * I just LV to watch them play * Me & Sierra run and Bark to them, but, they are WAAAAY TO FAST for us to catch up with, they run like the WIND ! * The sky is cloudy & the wind is still blowing * It really looks like some rain is coming * I don't like it when it rains, but mommy says we need some really,really BAD * This TEXAS Weather is going to start changing again tonight * Its suppose to start to get cooler & be really COLD again by Wednesday * GOSH ! ALMIGHTY ! I just never no what to expect from one day to the next * One day its Spring & then the next day is Winter * I'm Na'Kid today, but, tomorrow I might have to wear my coat * DANG ! Its enough to give my 'lil self the FLU! I sniffed around and done my duties outside, but that wind is so MEAN ! I just can't take it for very long at a time, it makes me Sneeze, TOO ! And my 'lil eyes rain a lot when it blows so MEAN * I guess I will help mommy find Sierra and get ready for supper * We got the New California Chi movie and Me & Sierra are going to watch it after we eat * HAPPY WEEKEND ! CHI~PALS ! later, Mojo



March 6th 2009 10:31 am
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What a BEAUTIFUL DAY ! The wind is blowing , but it is so nice outside * After all the cold weather we have had this winter, I no we haven't had a bad winter like some of my other Paw Pals, but, I have had to be inside a lot 'cause I DON'T LIKE IT REALLY COLD outside when I want to go out to play & sniff around * I'm going to get in some Sun Bathing & dig in the dirt * I haven't dug in dirt in a long time * Its been a LONG COLD Winter at my house * I just wish Daddy woodn't get that mower thingie going ! That thing is AWFUL ! He's mowing all the leaves around my house and there are a lot of them to mow, too * Mommy has been cleaning out her flower beds & she's been raking up some WORMS ! GOSH ! Some of them are BIG & WHITE ! TOO ! They sure are FAT WORMS ! She puts the BIG WHITE ones in a coffee can * She says my Bubba uses them for Fishing Bait * Hummmm ! I bet those fish he catches are really BIG ! TOO ! * Those White Worms really look MEAN ,tho * They look like they could PINCH my 'lil nose off * I sure hope my Bubba catches a lot of BIG FISH with those Big White Worms, I LV FISH ! I wish I could go Fishing , But, Mommy says where my Bubba goes fishing there are BIG WATER SNAKES ! YIKES ! I DON'T LIKE SNAKES ! I guess I will just sniff them and help mommy put those Big Worms in the can, I will just stick to digg'n in tha DIRT ! That's as close to Fishing with Worms as I want to get , and there ain't no SNAKES in tha dirt ! EITHER ! * later, Mojo



March 2nd 2009 11:18 am
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Today it is FINALLY getting Warmer Weather here at my house* March is coming in with a WARMER BREEZE * BUT ! That's not the only thing that my mommy is getting HEATED UP ABOUT !
DAWG ABUSE ! ANIMAL ABUSE IN GENERAL ! And VERY STUPID UNEDUCATED PAWRENTS ! TOO ! One of my PRECIOUS CHI~GRRRL FURENDS was hurt the other day by a KID ! A UNEDUCATED KID AT THAT ! He KICKED Her in Her 'LIL HEAD as she came up to play with him at a Pet Store * The PAWRENT (mother,owner of the KID) NEVER ASKED The 'Lil Chi's Mom, if She(The 'Lil Chi) was HURT NOR DID SHE (The 'lil Chi's Mom) GET AN APOLOGY FROM THE KIDS Mom for Her KIDS MEAN ACTION to Her 'Lil Chi * TMD ! The PRECIOUS 'LIL CHI GRRRL was NOT HURT BADLY ! BUT ! This wood really give the 'Lil Chi Grrrl SOMETHING TO BITE ABOUT ! My Mommy is just FURIOUS ! OVER THIS ! I LV KIDS ! BUT ! ! ! ! THIS IS THE KIND OF KID I WOOD LV TO BITE ! TOO ! My Mommy wood have been thrown in JAIL over this kind of ACTION OF ABUSE towards Me & Sierra from a KID ! *Mommy woodn't go for the THROAT of the KID, BUT ! ! ! ! She wood GO NUTS 'O CRAZY for the THROAT of that PAWRENT(OWNER OF THAT KID) ! THEN ! The next time all of you Paw Pals wood be hearing from me, I wood be asking for DONATIONS ON DOGSTER to HELP ME GET MY MOMMY OUT OF JAIL !
O ! YEAH ! DUH ! I wood need to get a LAWYER TOO !
This ABUSE STUFF just makes me want to t'air SOMETHING UP ! later, Mojo



February 28th 2009 2:48 pm
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WOW ! is it COLD TODAY ! The wind is blowing 25-35 mph & its COLD ! Mr. Sun has been shinning , but I don't think he has warmed up outside at all * I have been watching mommy cook all day * She made a STEW and Corn Bread with a Mississippi Mud Cake ! WHEW ! Has she been cooking ! * She made a Macaroni Salad with carrots & celery and other stuff too, but I don't like the other stuff, just the Mac & Carrots * I watched a movie and went for a very short walk around outside in my yard to potty * DANG ! I just can't stand it when that DARN WIND chases my tail * I can't concentrate on my BUSINESS DUTIES when that stuff blows up my tail * It took me forever to find a spot where the wind couldn't find me * One of my Fur-Neighbors came by on my road and I couldn't BARK to him to save my 'lil LIFE * The wind was so strong & cold, I just had to finish my Duties * He's a BEAGLE -BASSET Fur-Baby and he's a lot older than I am , But, He's so Sweet, tho * He comes by visiting at my house almost everyday if he's not Hunting with his Daddy * I always have to REMARK my yard when he visits * That's all he wants to do is MESS up my Territory and then I have to PEE my 'lil self DRY to get it back the way I like it * I like for my yard to smell like me * I have to make sure I get all of Sierra's spots too * HECK ! GRRRLS go as much as us BOYZ sometimes * I work like a RABID DAWG covering up Sierra's scent * She goes in places I can't HIKE in very well * One day she done a Duty way up under a bush in mommy's Flower bed * I had to dig me a trench to get to it, WELL ! I couldn't just let it stay there *I had to PEE on it , After all, I'm the MOJO-MAN of my yard ! later, Mojo

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