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* ~~~~~~~ BIG WAVES ~~~~~~~~~ *

August 27th 2011 5:08 pm
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* I'm running late ! ~
I only have a minute ! ~
Got to run to my swimming pool ~
Go'na catch some BIG KOOL WAVES ! ~~~~~~~~~ " SPLASH " ~~~~
later, Mojo



August 25th 2011 5:11 am
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* I have no idea wat B/P is or means - Mommy checks on an elderly neighbor since its been so hot here - She said she had to check her B/P - GOLLY ! As if I wood no wat that is ! I was wondering if I had that :>/ Mommy said it can be high or low an she keeps a check on it for the lady - Mommy explained to me its like when Sierra gets my wennie bite when I'm not look'n 'cause that makes me get kind'a heated up an then I get tense and a 'lil ANGRY, That's when my B/P go's high an when I decide to just let Sierra have tha wennie an get me another bite of wennie, that's when my B/P go's low - HUH ! I never knew that I had a B/P :>/ I thought maybe it meant BIG/PILE :>/ HUH :>/ I do no wat that means, like after I eat a lot of WENNIE bites :>0 later, Mojo



August 24th 2011 9:38 am
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For reading my Diary ! I didn't think my daily doings was that interesting :-/ I'm so HAPPY to get this Honor from Dogster 'cause this makes mommy hand out WENNIE bites to me & Sierra BOL ! There goes tha Dang Diet ! - Well, Today its another HOT one, @ 11:00am its 91' an will get up to 102' for a high today - WHEEEEW ! I'm sick of get'n pan'tee every time I go outside - Can't even sniff without pa'n, then when I do sniff I SNEEZE ! DANG ! DUST ! It goes right up my nose :-/ There ain't no more DIRT,Its just DUST ! :-/ Guess I'll repeat lasterday an dig up another nap in tha kool - I'm watching the "TWISTED KITTIES" from down my road chase each other around my yard, Later if it gets kool enough I'll have to go out an sniff their hikes - I'll leave their clumps for Sierra :>) She Lv's to hunt up Kitty clumps,but... that habit Sierra has really makes mommy SICK - O ! BOL ! :>0 later,Mojo




August 23rd 2011 4:08 am
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* GOOD ! LORD ! Is this HEAT in Texas ever gon'a give it up ! Its 82' @ 6:00am an we're going to be @ 103' by or before 4:00pm this evening - I bet I haven't been outside a hole hour straight in a month - Some of my Paw Pals are getting rain an the temps. are in tha 70's to upper 90's - GOSH ! If we could get to 90' it wood feel like a Norther came in - Rain is needed do BAD, When you go outside it smells like somethings burning, an it is,Everything is burning up - You can smell the leaves on tha trees, they smell dried an the dirt is like powder - Everything is so dry an dusty,the grass is crisp an the only thing moving outside is the Grasshoppers - This Fall there won't be very many leaves falling 'cause their already dead an on tha ground - I'm gon'a snuggle my A/C as usual, dig up a nap an DREAM of SNOW ! Do you like it when it Snows ? Yeah ! Me TOO ! When we get it - later,Mojo



August 21st 2011 10:22 am
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* To start off my Sunday morn'n when I went out to do my duties,I saw a TURTLE in our garden :>/ He was a purrty BIG one,NOT the 'lil ones I'm use to seeing in our yard - I went up to sniff'em an all I got was NO TURTLE HEAD :>/ GOSH ! Wat happen to his head ? It was there a minute ago :>/ I pawed at his house he lives in,but...He woodn't come out to play with me :>/ I BARKED at him but...He never say a sound :>/ I never knew he lived in our Garden,Mommy says he has a moving home,, I guess he can live where ever he wants to :>/ I sure hope he stays a while before he moves from our Garden,Mommy watered him with our water hose an then all of a sudden he came out of his home :>) I jumped backwards 'cause when he came out an saw me he let out a BIG HISSSSS'ES ! GOSH ! WAT HE SAY ??? Mommy tapped him on he's house an DANG ! He was ready to PLAY ! He SNAPPED at mommy's water hose an then mommy GRABBED me up FAST ! She then saw it was a SNAP'N TURTLE,We call'em LOGGER-HEADS in TEXAS :>/ Mommy says he was looking for wa-wa 'cause its so hot & dry here,when he heard me BARK an mommy tapping on his house with the water hose,BOY ! Did he get MAD ! He went after tha wa-wa really FAST ! Sierra came running up an mommy said "Its time for us to go inside an let the TURTLE get a drink an move on to another place to live" :>( GOSH ! I was hoping he could stay with us an play awhile,but....Mommy said he woodn't play nice with us like tha 'lil Turtles do,He wood of took our 'lil HEADS right OFF our 'lil bodies ! So with that barked,Me & Sierra sure was ready to go inside an I truly feel we have had a " BLESSED " SUNDAY *

later, Mojo



August 20th 2011 12:15 pm
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* Got up this morn'n only to find out its BED & BATH DAY at my house :-) I LV tha WA-WA ! My blankies & beds are getting a bath TOO :>) I just no mommy is going to get those nail thingies out 'cause I see her looking for'em :>/ I don't mind tha nail thingie to much, there's just always something else I wood rather do :>/ Guess after all the bathing is done I'll snuggle up with Sierra an mommy to watch a movie - Not much going on here except BAKING IN TEXAS ! GOSH ! It was 103' this morn'n at 11:ooam and now its 107'at 2:00pm - GOSH ! ALMIGHTY IS IT HOT ! Mommy PLEAZZZZZ ! Run my bath Wa-Wa KOOL !
later, Mojo



August 19th 2011 8:29 am
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* WHEWWWWW ! I'm glad my Birthday is gone,Mommy & Daddy almost KIZZ'ezt the life right out'a me ALL DAY LONG ! I got plum DIZZY over all the KIZZ'EZ - I got a bite of my Birthday carrot cake(NOT ON MY DANG DIET,Ya'no) an a new Paw collar hidden in a new sweater for this winter,if winter ever gets to my house this year :-/ Its going to be another HOT one today 107' :-( I'm so sick of all this HEAT ! Daddy came in with another one of his crazy Hot Weather in Texas quotes, He said, A friend of his said he killed a Mosquito last night that was carrying a Canteen :-/ M! GOSHHH ! I'll be HAPPY when he runs out'a those quotes he coming in with - Mommy & Sierra just ignor'em so that leaves me to have to listen to'em :-/ WATEVER ! makes U happy,Daddy,I'll give it a SMILE :-) later,Mojo



August 18th 2011 5:06 am
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I smell CARROT CAKE an see some Prezziez !

Mommy says now I can get a discount on stuff 'cause I'm 9 yrs. 'ol an considered a SENIOR CITIZEN DAWG :-/ She said it was called a SENIOR CITIZEN'S DISCOUNT :-/ HUMMMMM, SERIOUSLY,I don't care wat its called ! WELL YAY ! ALL RIGHT'EE THEN ! FURGET THA CAKE ! LETS GO SHOPPING ! BOL !!!!



August 17th 2011 12:15 pm
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* WELL ! Wat can I BARK today ? Here it is ! ITS STILL HOTTTT in TEXAS ! DUH ! Its 103'@ 2:30 pm today - DANG ! I will be so HAPPY when I can go outside for more than a POTTY ! GOSH ! I'm afraid I'm go'n to come down with Couch Sores if I don't get out'a this house ! I get to go swimming in our pool,but I have to wait till almost dark an by then an after supper I'm to tired to swim ! Heck ! I'm ready for bed'ee time after that - I heard daddy say just this week his friend, in Bryan County, saw a Fire Hydrant Bribing a Dawg ! WHEW ! That is HOT in TEXAS ! I don't think mommy heard him,she was watching her movie - Daddy's lucky,'cause if mommy had of heard him, he wood have been called POO Head again or something to that matter - Sometimes my daddy just doesn't no when to STOP ! BOL !



August 16th 2011 10:23 am
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* O ! How I wish it wood RAIN SOON ! All those poor chickens laying Hard Boiled Eggs in Texas in all this awful heat, I bet their 'lil to-to's is ah'FIRE ! I sure am glad I don't have to lay eggs :-) I couldn't stand that heat back there under my tail where no anything is to wonder :-/ I can't deal with my Dr.Vet an her temp stick much less HEAT back there, DUH ! - Mommy says Daddy is full of poo saying that about those poor chickens an their eggs, I guess that means he needs to go out to potty,I Duh'no,I just no he does go outside a lot, but.... not sure if its to potty,tho :-/ I bet the Farmers wish their chickens wood lay'em hard boiled tho,I duh'no,I no I don't like eggs anyway - Looks like its another Snuggle with my A/C,Snack & a Movie day for me, GOSH ! DANG ! IT ! Mommy says NO WENNIE SNACKS TODAY ! I wish Sierra could bark her into it,tho - Its even to Hot to go out an swim in our pool,Mommy says we will this evening ~ DANG IT ! I was hoping for a mid-morn'n swim & a Paw Massage :-) later,Mojo

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