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It's Tuesday so I'm driving MOM crazy!

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Snow Today

February 5th 2008 6:40 am
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Daddy let me out of my crate this morning and told me I needed to go out to potty first thing cause the weather is gonna get bad. I ran downstairs and saw that mommy's bedroom door was open so I ran in and jumped into bed with her, Jody, and Gigi. (They have to share a bedroom with mommy. I am special and get my very own crate in daddy's room). Daddy tried to get me out quietly, but mommy said she would let me out later. I smiled, and mommy pulled up the covers so I could burrow underneath with Gigi. I didn't let her sleep too long, though, cause in about 20 minutes I realized I couldn't hold it anymore and jumped on mommy. She got up and let me out.

Well, much to my surprise, I ran out into cold, cold rain! I ran across the deck and down the stairs to do my job like the great puggy I am. Mommy was so proud of me but I came in all wet and cold. She wanted to dry me off with a towel, but I kept running away from her. She was getting impatient with me so I just ran into her bedroom and jumped up on her clean, warm, dry bed. I rolled around and shook all over. I got good and dry all buy myself. I am such a good girl.

Daddy said it was gonna snow late today. I sure hope so. I hope we don't get all that nasty ice. It is hard to run down the deck stairs with ice on them.


Sunny Outside

February 4th 2008 6:25 pm
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It was such a wonderful day. It isn't usually 70+ degrees and sunny in February here, but we had that today. My sisters and I played outside with the little red ball. Mommy took our pictures and threw the ball for us. I am the only one who really plays ball though. Gigi will go fetch it but she doesn't know she is supposed to bring it back to mommy to throw again. I hate it when she gets to it first! And then there is Jody who just looks at it and rolls her eyes. She thinks she is above all the play because she is 7 years old and Gigi and I are 2 years old.
Tomorrow it is going to be very cold and snow 6 inches. That's Kansas for you!


Sunny today

February 2nd 2008 7:39 am
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It sure is nice and sunny outside today so I keep ringing the on the back door knob so mommy will take us out. Jody and Gigi don't know how to ring the bells, I guess, so it is always up to me. I know daddy put the bells on the door so I could let them know when I have to potty but I always get their attention when I ring them so I do it when I want them to cuddle or talk to me, too.

I have had a good time running in and out and in and out. Mommy is getting a little tired of me doing that, though, so maybe I will just toment Gigi with my green teddy bear. She likes it, too, so I will go and rub it in her face! BOL!! Well, maybe not BOL, but I will certainly snort at her. I don't really bark much.

Well, time to go torment my sisters. I won't get too close to Jody. She might growl at me and show me her "alligator teeth". Maybe I will ring the bells again!


It's Another Monday

January 7th 2008 2:30 pm
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Wow, I haven't written in a long time. Folks will think I don't have an exciting life.

In my last entry I wrote about getting an adopted brother, but he didn't like it at our house very much. He really wanted to stay with the Rescue Lady so she kept him. Then in October she emailed us to tell us she had the perfect pug for us. Gigi came to visit and we all love her very much. She isn't as onery as I am, but she does like to play with me. We play "tag" a lot. I will pick up my ball or bone or toy and she will chase me until she gets it away, and then I do the same to her. It is so much fun. She is now our "always" sister.

We have another older, dachshund sister named Jody. Jody is not as much fun. She is mostly grouchy to us, but sometimes she tolerates our silliness. She never bites us or anything, but she does growl at us when we are too rowdy around her.

It is really nice and warm here today and mommy has let us out to play a lot. She enjoys sitting out on the deck and watching us. She likes to take our pictures, too, so we pose for her when we aren't busy with other things.


New bubba...

August 31st 2007 10:12 am
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Yesterday the Pug Rescue lady brought our new bubba to live with us. She had just picked him up from the hospital because he had to have a second surgery for cleaning infection out of him and removal his scrotum because of a poor neuter surgery and bad post-op care.
He hasn't been feeling well and he snaps at me when I try to give him puppy kisses. I hope he gets over being in pain so he isn't so grouchy. He also tries to lift his leg and pee on me or mount me. I only have a sister and we girls don't know much about that stuff. My sister, Jody the dachshund, just barks at him so he leaves her alone.
He is almost always on my mama's lap or by her side and if he can't see her he starts to howl. I didn't know that pugs could howl! I think he must be scared of being left alone because he was a little lost puggy and someone found him out in the country. Poor baby.


We Might Get a Brother!!!!

August 27th 2007 3:02 pm
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The nice lady from the Pug Rescue came to visit our house today. I gave her a few puppy kisses so she would know how sweet I am. I didn't want to over-do it though, cause she might think I was obnoxious. My mama loves puppy kisses and I think the Pug lady did, too. She said she had 3 other Pugs at home that are her babies.

She brought a beaautiful black boy Pug she called "Snickers". He is about the same age as me. He was so-o-o-o cute and sweet and my mama and daddy fell in love with him. I'm not so quick to make emotional judgements, but I sniffed and licked him, and he seemed pretty good to me, too. He was sort of sick, though, and he can't go to a forever home until he is all healed up. I think they said he got "nuked" or something. Anyway, he had some pain medicene and was sort of quiet, but he went over to my mama and daddy and gave them puppy kisses (but not as good as I do).

Now we are anxious to find out if he can come and live with us or will the Pug Lady take him somewhere else. She loved him a lot, too. I hope she thinks her 3 Pugs at home are enough!


Summer Tag Rules

August 14th 2007 10:17 am
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There is a game on Dogster call Summer Tag and I can only tag 5 friends. The rules go like this:
Make a diary entry giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself. Choose 5 pals to tag and list them last. Post the rules of the game and then send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tagged to play the game.
Write 5 facts and tag 5 friends.

Here are my 5 facts:

1. I love to share popsicles with my mom.

2. My little red ball is my favorite toy.

3. I tore up 2 doggie beds so mom won't let me have another one.

4. I take my nap on a big pillow.

5. I can play soccer using my face and paws to move the ball.

My 5 pals are

1. Bruno

2. Captain Jack

3. Hera

4. Doug the Pug

5. Cheto


Summer Tag

August 14th 2007 9:55 am
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Here are my 5 facts:

1. I love to share popsicles with my mom.

2. My little red ball is my favorite toy.

3. I tore up 2 doggie beds so mom won't let me have another one.

4. I take my nap on a big pillow.

5. I can play soccer using my face and paws to move the ball.


Hot, hot Tuesday

August 14th 2007 9:39 am
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Well, friends, it's Tuesday again, but it's too hot to drive my mama too crazy today. The weatherman says the heat wave should end soon. I say it's halfway to September so that forecast isn't too much of a stretch. I could be on the TV and give that forecast!! I'd like that. The Amazing Gracie Show. Woo! Woo!

I like to lay under my mama's desk where it is cool and dark. I only do it when she is on the computer and I don't feel like harassing her. Some days I would rather play with my selfish big sister, Jody the Wiener Dog. When she isn't looking, I snatch her pink bunny and run away with it. Boy, does that ever get her going; she chases me all around the house. Did you know Dachshunds are very, very fast? She can always catch me. Around here they have an annual Wiener Dog Race at the track; that's how fast they can move on those silly, stubby legs of theirs.

My mama just heard a news story about a little Pug who died becasue of the heat. The owner let her outside to potty and forgot about her, I think. My mom always stays outside with me. I never go out alone.


Wow! It's really hot outside.

August 6th 2007 3:15 pm
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Gee whiz! My mom and dad took me to a Pug Meet last night at the park and it was so-o-o-o hot we had to leave after 30 minutes. We thought it would be fun to see all the other puggies but I just can't take the heat for very long. My mom and dad know that, too, so they brought a cooler full of my favorite Figi water, but I just wanted to go home. Anyway, I didn't know any of those puggies so I was scared. My mom and dad should introduce me more slowly to the other puggies, I guess.

Today my mom keeps asking if I want to go outside to potty. Heck, no, I don't want to!! It's the hottest day of the year. Even hotter than last night. I'll just hold it longer than normal, I guess. Wonder if I can wait until the sun goes down?

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