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It's Tuesday so I'm driving MOM crazy!

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A Week for a Birthday

April 5th 2008 9:33 pm
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This week was worth lots of BOL!!! I had a wonderful birthday party on Thursday. I got lots and lots of cupcakes and rosettes and bones from my Dogster pals. My daddy brought me home a birthday cake and bully sticks for me and Gigi and Jody. We ate so much and Gigi must have eaten the most 'cause she throwed up all over mommy's new sofa. Nobody got mad at her though 'cause it was a party. Mommy just cleaned it up and held her for a little while to make sure she was okay. The pawrents made a video of cutting the cake and they added it to my page. I was so excited.
We really didn't do much on Friday except play in the sunshine. Today daddy took each one of us out to the backyard to run around. We didn't even have to stay in our little fenced in pen. I ran and ran and ran and so did Gigi. But I ran the most. Jody the mean dachshund just walked around the yard and peed on things.
Tonight we watched the Rose City Dog Show in Portland, OR. Gigi watches TV the most and she barked and barked for the dogs she liked the best. We watched the Scottie get Best in Show, but our mommy says we are the best in her show.
The best thing that happened today was the KU won over SC. Rock chal Jayhawks KU!!!! That means we are only one game away from the National Championship. I'm gonna cheer like crazy for KU!


I'm Bored

April 2nd 2008 2:06 pm
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It looks very pretty outside. It is sunny and warm looking but when mommy opens the door to let me out, it is cold. I don't like the cold. Gigi and Jody go out and sit in the sun but they have dark fur and I think it must be more comfortable to them. I just want to be inside with mommy. When daddy let me out of my crate this morning, mommy was already up so I went outside with the others and then instead of having to go into my play pen until mommy woke up, I went back to bed with her. It was a lot of fun except then she went back to sleep, so I liked her face until she had to get up. BOL!


April Fool's Day

April 1st 2008 8:56 pm
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I played tricks on mommy all day long 'cause it is April Fool's Day. I would ring the bells on the back door and mommy would come running to let me outside. I wouldn't be there. I would run away and hide and when she found me, I would give her my innocent look. She thought she was hearing things! BOL!!


New Food

March 31st 2008 10:47 am
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Wow, we have a new food. Daddy has been upset that he can't find my Nutro Ultra Holistic in stock at the stores any more. It is always all gone from the shelves when he tries to get it and has to run all over town to find some. He researched other foods and decided to feed us Blue Buffalo. I think it tastes real good! The only problem is I am so-o-o gassy. Mommy says I stink!! Whoa, mommy! That is going a little too far. We all hope it settles better on my tummy in a few days. Mommy mixed it in with our old food until the Nutro ran out, but since I'm eating only Blue, I toot a lot. BOL!


It's Time To Play

March 14th 2008 3:39 pm
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All the time is good to play. Anytime is good to play. I'm a playful pug. Jody and Gigi are nappers, but not me. I'm a player! BOL!!

My mom got up today later than usual so I was very hungry when she fed me my breakfast and then I wanted to play. And play some more. I ran in and out of the house. I shook those jingle bells on the back door so many times that I wore my mommy ragged. Sometimes I do it just for fun, but she is well trained. Mommy always stops whatever she is doing to come open the back door for me when I ring the bells. Sometimes I really do NEED to go outside, but more often than not, it's just to get her attention. I LOVE attention. BOL!!

Gigi was a bad girl today but mommy thought it was funny. A little while ago I told mommy that I was ready for my supper. She always fixes our supper bowls, sets the food bowls on the kitchen floor for the others, but then she takes my bowl into the livingroom and she sits in her favorite big chair. I jump up on the ottoman to eat my supper out of her hand. Well, today, Gigi followed us into the livingroom and when mommy started feeding me, Gigi jumped up on the ottoman and started eating my food!!! BOL!!! And mommy LET her eat it. And mommy laughed, too!! Bad mommy!! Bad Gigi!!


Finding My Greenie Cookie

March 11th 2008 9:13 pm
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Well, this has been quite a day! My daddy always gives me a greenie cookie for my night-night treat but I always save it to eat in the morning. Usually, I pick it up when daddy lets me out of my kennel in the early morning. He takes me outside and afterwards I go in my playpen until mommy, Jody, and Gigi get up. (They all sleep together in the same bed but I sleep in daddy's room with him).
I still don't eat the cookie, but instead I wait until Gigi and Jody can see me with it. They always try to take it away from me, but mommy won't let them. It's so funny to see them get in trouble. BOL!!! This morning I forgot to bring it downstairs with me and when mommy let me out of my playpen, I dashed upstairs to get my cookie, but I dropped it and it went underneath my kennel!
Mommy doesn't go upstairs, but I tried all day long to get her to go. I kept going up and she would call me to come back. She doesn't like me to be alone anywhere in the house because she thinks I am too onery. I only make little messes but you'd think I make earthqquakes and tidal waves by the way she acts. I finally just sat on the steps and stared at mommy, but no matter what I did, she would not come up.
Finally daddy came home from work and I ran upstairs as fast as I could. I waited at the top until he came up and then I showed him my kennel. He wasn't sure what I was showing him so I had to get down on my belly and poke my foot under the kennel. He lifted it up for me and I went under and grabbed my cookie. I was so glad. After waiting for hour upon hour, I finally got to eat my cookie. Thanks, Dad.


Our Visit Is Over

March 5th 2008 4:14 pm
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Oh, my. I am so sad. Aunt Sandy had to go home today to Horton, KS where she lives. She came to see me and has visited since last Friday. We have so much fun. She has a fur-baby named China Sue the Shih-Tzu and I don't like her very much. She is grouchy and old and she thinks I am too wild. I am not even two years old so what does she expect? She was so mad at me today that she bit me. I wonder if Aunt Sandy can come back soon and leave China Sue at home? I suppose she won't do that though, cause my very own mommy loves China Sue and likes to have her visit, too. Darn it, anyway!!! Aunt Sandy always plays keep-away with me and lets me jump on her and everything. She gives me treats and she likes me lots better than my sisters, Jody the mean dachshund ans Gigi the black pug. Aunt Sandy gives me kisses and pug-hugs and even lets me give HER lots of puppy kisses. Mommy keeps telling Aunt Sandy that she needs her very own pug-baby, but she says China Sue is enough for her.


My Diary is in Diary Central Today.

March 2nd 2008 9:02 pm
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Well, I received a pawmail from my good furend, Pippin, today and I was surprised to read that my diary was one of today's picks to be in diary central. I was thrilled. My furless Aunt Sandy and furry cousin China Sue had come to visit us last Friday and they are staying for a few days. Well, when we have company it is sometimes hard to get computer time in so I haven't written in my diary or looked on Dogster this morning.
China Sue is an old grouch just like my sister, Jody the mean dachshund. China Sue is even older than Jody and she doesn't like to play with me and she does't like for me to get too close to her mommy either. I don't care very much so I run up to Aunt Sandy and give her lots of pug hugs and puppy kisses - until China Sue growls and bites me. Then I get away until I can sneak back for a few more few more kisses and hugs.


A Nice Monday

February 25th 2008 10:09 pm
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It was a pretty nice day today although it is snowing now. We are going to have a cold tomorrow and then sunshine for a few days. Mama lets us play outside when it's warm but she won't let us stay out to long cause she is afraid we will get too cold with our short coats.
I have a nice furry squirrel that daddy got me at Petsmart. He squeeks when I bite his belly. I played and played with him today. When bite him, Gigi comes running to try to take him away from me. Sometimes I let her play with it, too, but she must always remember that the squirrel is mine. She has her own toys, but I can't remember what they are. Well, maybe they are ALL my toys.


Valentine's Day

February 14th 2008 7:23 pm
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Well, we didn't have an eventful day but it was nice anyway. Until this afternoon it was sunny and warm and Gigi and I played and ran around the deck chasing leaves and each other. Every time I would run out in the yard and find a leaf, Gigi would chase me and take it away. She can run faster than me and she is more athletic. She can jump higher, too. Mommy read an article today that said some folks think black pugs are more quick and nimble and we believe it.
Daddy fixed dinner for mommy tonight. I guess because it was Valentine's Day or maybe it was just because he likes waffles and that's what he wanted for dinner. He thinks mommy doesn't know how to use the waffle maker and she says that's okay with her. She is really slick sometimes.

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