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It's Tuesday so I'm driving MOM crazy!

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We Slayed A Dragon

July 20th 2008 10:20 pm
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Yep, second one! Last week we got one, too. Those old dragons don't stand a chance when they come around the U.P.F.
I also felt very, very honored to be chosen Spoiled Pug of the Week on S.P. Those pups are so fine and furendly. I just lubs 'em.


I Have Been Busy

July 16th 2008 3:54 pm
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I have been so busy today and mommy hasn't been able to keep up with me. I have been into everything I could think of and some new things, too.
I learned that I could jump up on my mommy's vanity chair and look into her make-up mirror and see myself. I can reach her comb and her powder. I can reach the brushes for blusher and stuff. What a great time. Now I can do all the grownup pugurl stuffs.
Then I realized that I can eat Gigi's food if she doesn't eat it fast enough and she won't bite me or tell mommy or anything. What a deal! That's like two breakfasts and two dinners. BOL!!
Mommy and me computed for awhile, but I got bored with it and starting ringing the bells to go outside. I did it about a hunnerd times. Mommy loves it when she has to stop what she is doing to let me in and out. Ain't she sumthin'?


I've Been Tagged

July 11th 2008 10:33 pm
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Wow, I've been tagged by my pal Gracie.
I'm supposed to name things I like & things I don't like. This is fun!

1) Sitting on mommy's lap.
2) Being hand fed
3) Running races with my sisfur, Gigi the black pug
4) Being brushed

Not liking at all:
1) When my other sisfur, Jody the mean dachshund, barks all day
2) When my sisfurs get attention
3) Riding in the car - High anxiety!!!!
4) Fireworks - Another high anxiety moment!!!

OK, so that's just the tip of the ice berg as they say. I could go on & on but ..... lets hear from, oh my what about......

Gabrielle #570988
Tug da Pug #504450
Gracie #358165
Sluggo #805269


Holiday Weekend

July 6th 2008 11:11 pm
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This was a long weekend and a holiday - Fourth of July. We spent the whole time at home with mommy and daddy. I was all set for a quiet time and then it began. The loud and scary noises. I was filled with anxiety but my sisfurs didn't seem that disturbed. I wouldn't even go to bed at my usual time; I just wanted to sit close to mommy.

The next day, Saturday, it seemed okay, but when it became dark outside they started up again. Why did it have to go on for days and days? I think it is over now. I can sleep in peace. Mommy says next year she is giving me Xanax!


Crocs! Yummo!

July 3rd 2008 9:29 am
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I got in trouble yesterday for chewing up one of mommy's Crocs. You know what they are? They are those rubbery shoes that are big and floppy and colorful. Well, they are so much fun to chew on that, this morning, I went upstairs to the daddy's bedroom closet and got one of his Crocs. Then I brought it downstairs so I could chew and socialize at the same time. Well, guess what! I got in trouble again! A puggie can't win for losin'........


I've Been Tagged

June 25th 2008 8:48 pm
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I've been tagged

June 25th 2008
I've been tagged by my furend, Teddy

Now to answer some questions . . .

Name Four Jobs that you have had:

1. Guarding the home
2.Cuddling with mommy
3. Washing the dishes after the pawrents have eaten
4. Eating the cheese cubes so they don't get moldy

Name Four Places that you have lived (there are only two)

1. My first home , breeder in Lawrence, KS
2. My furever home in Olathe, KS

Name Four Places that you have been

1. Land of Paws
2. My auntie's house
3. Jazzy's house
4. Blackbob Pet Hospital

Name Four Places you Would Rather Be

1. Playing in the yard
2. Sleeping in mommy's bed
3. Playing with Jazzy at her house
4. On a walk with daddy

Now tag four Pups!

1. Pippin #632167
2. Maizy #701606
3. Tinkerbelle #435240
4. Miss Molly #496785


I'm Tuckered Out

June 17th 2008 4:36 pm
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I think all the badnezz has tired me out. Today I napped almost all day long and that's a first for me. I'm not good at napping. Mommy said that most doggies sleep twenty hours a day, but I don't. I only sleep at night most of the time. Sometimes I will take cat (OMD)-naps or, as daddy calls htem, power-naps, but I don't take full blown naps like my sisfurs do.
And as for badness, the only thing that I was scolded for today was unrolling the toilet paper and eating part of it. Maybe I'm growing up!


Sunday Morning Badnezz

June 15th 2008 8:27 am
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Geez, mom! Why are you always getting so mad at me? I'm just a pug, you know. And, really, it's only a little after 10:00AM so think about all the badnezz I can get into before the day is over.
This morning, China Sue was snarling at me and I didn't like that so I jumped on her and scratched her and tried to bite her. Auntie was very mad at me because I am at least two times bigger than China Sue and much younger and sturdier. China is almost eleven years old and I am only two. Gimme a break! She needs to stop being grouchy at me all the time.
Then auntie left her laptop, camera, and SD card on the dining room table. If she wanted to be mad at me, I was going to give her something really important to be mad at so I jumped up on the dining room chair and took her SC card and chewed it up! That'll teach her! BOL!!


Saturday Badnezz

June 14th 2008 6:02 pm
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I have had a hard day of badnezz. As soon as I woke up this morning I jumped up on auntie and woke her up. She had come to stay the night so she could she her granddaughter's fast-pitch softball game in the city. I was full of spit and vinegar. China Sue kept snarling at me to leave her mommy alone, but I didn't pay any attention. China Sue is too small to count much in the doggie fight business. BOL!!
Later I wanted my mommy's purse and I couldn't reach it so I climbed up on a chair and pulled it off the table. Oh-oh! Auntie caught me! BOL!!
Mommy went with auntie to the ballgame so they took my mommy's handicap parking tag and when they come home my auntie laid it on the dining room table. When they weren't looking, I jumped up on the dining room chair and scooted it off with my little paw. BOL!! Then I ate it! BOL!! Daddy was mad, but mommy said it could be salvaged and only had "Gracie kisses" on it.
Later, after dinner, they left paper napkins on the table and I jumped up again when they weren't looking and scooted them off. I chewed them up all over the floor and ate some of them, too. Yummo!
I thinking that maybe I should cool it tomorrow.


Such a Nice Group of Pups

June 11th 2008 2:35 pm
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Oh, boy! Everyone has been so nice to me and my fur-sisters today. I like being part of Dogster 'cause you get to meet and play with so many nice fur folk and skin folk, too.
Today we all got gifts not once, but twice. Then we got some cool pawmails and we just loved it. See, didn't I tell you about the fine folks here?
We haven't been doing much for the last week. We had to rest up after going to auntie's house last week and then we just played around the house. We got to see the bunny who lives in our berm a few times. Jody, the mean dachshund, and Gigi, the black pug, both bark at him a lot, but not me. I just watch him. I think maybe I'd play with him if he'd come close enough.
Our auntie is coming tomorrow but she is probably just going to sleep over 'cause her skin granddaughter is playing in a softball tournament close by. Auntie lives too far away to drive to it every day. I think she might leave China Sue, our fur-cousin, here with us so she won't get all hot at the ball game. Our mommy would go with her, but she has Lupus and can't be in the sun very long. She doesn't like hot weather anyway. Except to see the pretty flowers.
We watched some new videos that our furend, Pippin the pug, put on You Tube. They were funny and Gigi barked at them. She is a real "talker" just like Jody.
Will, I think it's time to go ring the backdoor bells so we can make mom think we have to go out. See ya later!

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