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Life changes in a "little bit."

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An Angel in Heaven

January 4th 2013 8:51 am
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We just celebrated Shadow's 15 birthday by lighting a
candle in her name. Shadow is now an Angel in heaven.
I know she is guiding others whom enter heaven's door.

Shadow lost her life to cancer September 2009. I miss
her every day, but know she is not in pain anymore.

I gave all royalties to my books, 'Brown Eyes' and
'Puppy Love' to animal/human cancer research in Shadow's
name. Shadow loved the world so she would want to help

Happy Birthday Shadow. We miss you, Girl!


Life' hurries

April 23rd 2008 3:24 am
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Everyone is always in a hurry or don't have enough time in a
day to do things. Mommy hasn't had much time to do things.
She's trying to get book signings for the new book, 'Puppy Love' and
to get advertisement. The books about me, you know. Sadie is in
them too. Mommy says that all 'Pups' are Angels sent from God to
show humans His world.

The snow is now gone in Ohio. I hate allergy season. Do any of you
have allergies? Mommy and Ma try to take us for at least two walks
a day. I hide sometimes because I just don't want to go!

Well, my friends, another day, another try to get the book out there.

Woof & Licks,


My Family Day 2/21/1998

February 29th 2008 5:35 pm
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Hi Everyone,

I've been a member of the family since 2/21/1998. It was 10 years
2/21/2008. Mommy has written two books now about Me & My sister. She says that. "We are Angels sent from God to show us His world."

We celebrated "My Day," 2/21 with Puppy Icecream, presents, and chicken. I felt special!

I love that Mommy loves us so much to write books about us. If you get a chance, check out our website:

Happy birthdays to all my friends and their families!



That white stuff they call, 'snow'

December 17th 2007 5:43 am
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Sunday was such a nice day for Sadie and I. It snowed! That' s what are parents call it. Sadie and I call it the fun time of the year! I love to run in it, and if you build a snowman, I will have fun knocking it over for you! How would you like to come out and play with me in the snow, Friends? We can have a ball! We'd just run through the snow.

Mommy makes snow balls and throws them up in the air, and I catch it! I love the feel of it's coldness in my mouth.

Well, I must close this entry for now. I want to go out in that white stuff and fun!

Bye for now.


Last Book Signing

December 15th 2007 7:00 am
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Mommy had her last booksigning of the year. I love it! Sadie and I get treats or puppy beer. My ears ring during these events. I guess someone is talking abut me! What do you think? I hope my friends have bought one! Mommy's website is: . Why not get one for one of your parents for Christmas?



November 20th 2007 6:41 am
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Woof or Good Day,
I wanted to write in my diary about the human holiday, Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for finding a GREAT home! I was already abused before I met Mommy and Ma. They adopted me from a trunk of a car at a local flee market. I'm thankful to have them. I'm thankful for the walks we take. I don't want to go sometimes, but Mommy insists. She wants me to stay healthy. I'm thankful for the food Sadie and I eat. We eat Inova. And even though she gets on my puppy nerves sometimes, I'm thankful for Sadie. We have some good times together and she keeps me young. I'm thankful for this site. I get to write in my diary and get to make friends that don't try to attack me! So, Happy Thanksgiving my friends and families.
Woof or Good Day



November 13th 2007 10:01 am
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Mommy has an interview with another paper! I say, "Woof," for Mommy! I am sitting back when Mommy does all the work, well she's the one that wrote the book! When she sells, she get's Sadie and I presents. I hope she sells alot at her book signing at Border's Express Tower City, Cleveland, Friday. I'll be sitting back waiting for a good ol' "Puppy Beer," treat or toy.

Have any of you "Friend' checked out the book yet? I hope so. We can talk about it sometime. It is titled, "Brown Eyes."

Have a WOOF day!!



October 18th 2007 5:27 pm
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Sadie never met her, and I was young the last time I did, but my human sister, Beth just lost her beloved, kitty, Smokey. Mommy says that Smokey was Beth's baby before she had babies. Smokey was very sick. She stopped eating and drinking water. She lost her sight and hearing. She had seitures the last days of her life. Beth never believed in putting "loved ones" to sleep, but after much talk and watching Smokey, she made that decision. She is devestated! She now thinks she did wrong. Mommy cries for Smokey and Beth. Ma, just does her own thing and is whatever. Mommy has been crying alot in the last few days. Sadie and I cuddle her. We hope Beth is getting that too! Could all are friends please send prayers for Beth and her family right now. She is lost, but she does have three children under six years old at home. It is so hard for her. Mommy is hurting too. She found Smokey and gave her to Beth for her 17th birthday. She had her for 12 years.



October 6th 2007 5:12 am
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My allergies are really bad right now. I scratch and lick all the time. Mommy gives me herbs and sprays that old stuff on it. I keep scratching. Does anyone else have this problem? If you do, write me with what you do for this itchy situation.

Woof! Until later!



October 1st 2007 6:43 pm
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Yesterday Mommy and Ma asked us if we wanted to go "Bye, Bye." We were so excited. Do you know where Bye Bye was my friends? Yes, to the pup wash. I smell awful too! They say we smell good, right! Sadie had to have her's first. What have all of you been up too?

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