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I'm doing great on raw

November 9th 2008 3:13 pm
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Nothing that interesting has happened, so sorry not much to report on...except...
I've been doing great on the raw diet! My teeth are getting cleaner every day and mistress thinks that I seem healthier. Next step is to inform the vet. Mistress will let him look me over and if he says something about how well I'm doing, mistress will tell him that she's feeding me the raw diet. If he doesn't say anything, she'll just tell him before we leave.
Today though, when a close friend found out about what I am getting fed, she strongly insisted that it's not good for me on the grounds of that raw meat has bacteria and that we need to talk to the vet about it. (Mistress expected to get this reaction from someone eventually.)
Unfortunately, mistress was not on the top of her game and her went blank of almost everything she knew about the raw diet. The friend also thought that raw would make me want to kill small animals like cats. That's silly. Just the other day I went up to a cat and simply sniffed it. I like to chase cats, but only if they run.
Anyway, what mistress's reply should have been that (1) dogs can handle bacteria much better than humans, and (2) compared to some things that we dogs get into, raw meat is like sterilized tools. And most of the dog food recalls were on account of salmonela (sp) found in the dog food, so dog food isn't exactly bacteria free either. Also, according to mistress's research, dog food with all it's sugars and such creates the perfect environment inside the dog for bacteria to thrive. While raw meat doesn't.
Hence why dogs fed raw don't usually have bad breath. Did I mention that my breath has improved since I've been on raw? :D
Another argument brought up was that dogs do fine on dog food, so why feed raw? Raw is the healthiest choice and it is supposed to resemble what the dog would eat in the wild if it caught it's own food. And cleaner teeth and better breath are pluses.
And when it comes to talking with the vet, most vets don't take a big course on nutrition and it's usually provided by the dog food companies, so naturally it would be biased.
This is half rant, half info for those who may have heard rumors on the raw diet.
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