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My Thoughts for Sunday (second entry!)

April 13th 2008 10:56 am
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Today, I'd like to talk about Evolution vs. Creation. You know, I've been persecuted slightly for my strong beliefs in the Bible. Not that much yet, but I'm sure that as I go along that more people will persecute me. I've even been told by one person that they didn't want to associate with me. Which is fine with me; that's their business. Not that I mind, persecution just makes me cling stronger to my Faith in the Bible.
Anyway, the main point.
The Evolution Theory says that this universe was formed by chance. Think about it, how can an entire universe form by chance? If a universe will do that, then maybe a watch can do that. I'll just take the parts used to make a watch, put the contents into a bag, and shake it all around. And viola, I'll have a watch!
---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
BOL! You get my point. Some will argue that Evolution didn't happen by chance. That Mother Nature had a hand in it. Ooooh, so then Mother Nature is a god? No, there is no "Mother Nature", it's just nature. And it's not a god, nor does it have human or godly powers. It's a thing. So, with that in mind, then Evolution was by chance. You can't deny it. And if you do deny it, either in your heart you knows that it's wrong but won't admit it or you don't want to believe that there is a God that will punish you one day for your sins.

Second, explosions never have and never will create anything, as it does in the Big Bang theory. You can't deny that. Once I brought that up, and you know what? Everyone just ignored it. Wow, I guess that they couldn't argue with that.
Actually, I believe in the Big Bang. But, my Big Bang is different than an evolutionist's Big Bang. In "my" Big Bang, the "BANG" will be the result of the world being destroyed when God does that to make a new one after the Tribulation.

And, did you know that the "scientist" who came up with Evolution, Charles Darwin, wasn't a scientist? Yep. He wasn't good at math. In fact, he was terrible at it.

Did you know, that according to a survey done in 1990, that 25% of scientists believed in Creation? That number has probably decreased by now, but some scientists still believe in Creation. Just because the majority believes something doesn't make it true.

Also, some will argue that small changes, like a dog sheds more in a hot climate than in a cold climate, is evidence for evolution. Actually, it's not. It's called "variation", and it happens from genes that are already there. If a dog (not one of the non-shedding breeds) lives in a hot climate, it has the genes to make it shed. Evolution states that genes evolved. If genes evolved, then they weren't already there. Evolutionists use variation to try to stump us Creationists up debates all the time.

I'm not puting down people who believe in evolution. I know some wonderful and respectable people who believe in the theory of evolution. I'm tolerant. I won't be upset at you or anyone else for disagreeing with me. I do, however, get upset when people put me down just because I believe in the fact of Creation. Sometimes, though I'm not proud of it, I'll even get spunky in my replies when people do that to me. Though, I shouldn't get upset. God's grace is sufficient for me.
That me and my mistress's thoughts fur today.


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