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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog

A touchy situation that makes me MAD!!!!

March 22nd 2008 8:04 pm
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Fur those of you that think the entire Pit Bull breed is bad. It's not!!!!
People not raising and socializing ANY dog the right way can lead to trouble!
If you don't have your dog meet as many people as possible, then it may be afraid of other dogs. Same thing if you don't have them meet a lot of people. A fearful dog may bite out of fear. That is called fear-aggression.
Yes, little dogs bite people all the time! What really makes me MAD AS A HORNET is when people say that a little dog showing it's teeth and growling is cute. IT ISN'T!!! When a big dog does that, or sometimes even less than that, they call it aggression. NO MATTER WHAT YOU CALL IT OR WHAT BREED DOES IT, it is aggression.
Now, it is true that a little do biting somebody does a lot less damage than when a big dog does it. BUT, a little dog attacking a little kid can do as much, maybe more, damage to the kid than a big dog would do to a man.
So, aggression isn't breed specific. It has to do with how ANY DOG is raised/socialized.
However, sometimes, some so-called breeders breed aggressive dogs on purpose. They breed dogs with bad temperaments and the result is that the puppies are bad-tempered.
"Well" you say, ""I used to know someone with a Pit Bull and that dog was so aggressive."
The owner hadn't raised him right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW, if you disagree with my point (and if you don't know, my point is that Pit Bulls and other "aggressive" breeds are GREAT dogs and that we SHOULD NOT ban them), then I would like you to paw-mail with your arguments, so we can talk it over.
And, if you agree with my aguments, then I give you an invitation. If you haven't already, join us in the group Million Dog March

(On a side note, would you want someone euthanizing an entire race of humans just because some of that race kill people? Of course not! You'd probably shout "JUST BECAUSE SOME OF MY RACE MURDER PEOPLE AND STEAK THINGS MEAN THAT THE ENTIRE RACE IS LIKE THAT!!!" Well, folks, that's what happening with Pit Bulls and some other breeds when they ban them. Just because man is over the animals, doesn't mean that justice doesn't apply to both of them.)


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