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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog


October 20th 2007 9:26 am
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Today! (written today!)
I hear there's gonna be a couple of cats here soon. I was excited at first, but they are going to stay in mistress' room. That's means I can't go in there for a loooong while! *grrrr* The cats aren't ours. They belong to that guy who's helping us out with getting the web back.
Friday Nite
We went to PE once again this morning. Mistress my tunnel along and I amazed everyone with my "tunnel" trick. People try to get me to perform for them, but I only listen to mistress! I did do the tunnel when someone asked me to though, because I like that trick. Cookie's taking her CGC test tommorow evening. I wish her luck. I know she's trained pretty well, but mistress is still worried about the isolation thing at the end. Cookie does pretty good when mistress is out of sight at the park, but don't know what she'll do in a new place. Pray for her, please! I would like to take the test too, but mistress says I'm not ready yet. Have to quit pulling on the leash first. *whine* It's too much fun to give up! This afternoon, I finally got to meet Sadie! Mitsress' grandma came over and Sadie came with her. Sadie is a little nicer than Cookie, but when I bumped into her by accident I found out that she can be just as much of a grouch as Cookie! I guess no offense was ment; I'm told that she grouches Snoopy too! *heehee* Now to meet Snoopy!
Hey, dogsters. We got more ants. This time, we got another ant-farm from Wal-Mart, and connected it to our other one with clear tubes. For a while there, the ants put a "road" of sand in the bottom of the tube so they wouldn't slip, but they quit using the bottom tube altogether. Oh by the way, only two tadpoles out of eight hatched. One of them died. The one left is doing just great though. He was see-through at first, but now he's darkening up and getting less and less see-through every day. It's some sort of African frog, so we can't let him grow even when he does turn into a frog because the environment here would kill him. We either keep him till he dies or give him to a school or something. One last thing here: Live in St. Marys, Georgia? Well, then come join us at St. Marys Mutts and Kitties, my new Dogster group. Love Collies and Shelties? Come join my other two groups, "Borders, GSDs, Collies, and Shelties" and "!!!Shelties and Collies a Grrreat!!!".
My Native Land
(written on Wednesday, 17th)
by Sir Walter Scott
Breathes there the man with soul so dead
Who never to himself hath said
This is my own-my native land?
Whose hear hath ne'er withing him burned,
As home his footsteps he hath turned
From wandering on a foreign strand?
If such there breath, go, mark him well;
For him no minstrel raptures swell;
High though his titles, proud his name,
Boundless his wealth as wish can claim,-
Despite these titles, power, and pelf,
The wretch, cocentrated all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down,
To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonored, and unsung.
Exciting News!
(Written on Tuesday, 16th)
We'll be able to get the internet back very soon! Right now, we still have to go to the library to go on the web, but someone is helping us afford it in our own home again. I can't give any details, as this is private business, but it will be much easier after it's all done. No more only checking pup pal requests once or twice a week. No more having to worry that someone sent you an invitation to join their group and you can't sign it! Now, we'll be able to respond to any and all requests and fan mail quickly and easily!!! Oh, and Cookie's taking her CGC test this Saturday. I can't take mine until I quit jumping on people and pulling on the leash.
(Written on Sunday (Oct. 14th)
Why Can't a Hamsome Pup Like Me Go to Church!?!
This morning I rushed out the door as mistress' mom was putting things in the truck. They had to go to Church, but they saw me on the way there so they picked me up. They found me so close to home that they decided to take me back there. Aw, I wanted to see what Church was like. As mistress set me back inside, Cookie was at the door. I tried to kid her and make her think I got to go to Church, but she knows the routine too well. Said we weren't gone long enough for that to have happened. Oh well... When the people finally did get back, I got an extreme case of the zoomies. Running wildly back and forth, going crazy over my ball when mistress threw it, the usual. I also got a big jumping up on everybody problem. Mistress is trying to get me to stop. While everyone I've jumped on so far don't mind, some people I meet later will, she says. My opion is that all peoples love to be jumped on by a charming, adorable little dog like me. They think it's a huge compliment. Not really. I love everybody. I want to find out what Church is like! Back to old drawing board...


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