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Jounral of a Jedi in the Form of a Little Dog

Butterflies and my tour

August 3rd 2007 12:44 pm
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I've got two things to tell all you dogs today. First, I want to tell you about my unplanned tour of my neighborhood. Mistress was doing chores outside, and when she came back in, I slipped out. (It was raining, by the way.) Really, I thought it was okay to do that, but she tried to call me back. Cookie followed me out. She said she "wanted to make sure I didn't get lost because I couldn't followed my scent in the rain." I guess she does know the neighborhood better than I do. Anyway, we went to a different street. We had a fun time metting people and just exploring. Most people don't think of a German Shepherd like Cookie as friendly, but that's sure what Cookie is. (Cookie is even bigger than a male GSD, you know.)She walked right up to this guy and wagged her tail in a friendly way. She didn't followed EVERYWHERE, but she made sure I wasn't out of eye-shot. Then mistress's mom came to bring me back home. I figured I'd better do what she wanted. Anyway, if there's anything I like better than exploring off-leash, it's exploring on-leash. She put my leash on, and we headed for home. I heard mistress say she forgot to tell me to stay. I would have stayed if she had told to, you better believe it. Well, what awaited at home was getting dried off with a towel, and getting my fur brushed back to it's normal texture. (I look a "spiky guy" with my fur all wet!) Cookie got the same fate. She tried to roll around on the carpet because she just hates being wet. I don't think she would have gone out there if she wasn't worried about me. When our fates were know, what I'm about to tell you won't make any sense unless I start from the beginning.

See, the day my humans first got me, they also got some caterpillars in the mail they had ordered. They were supposed to let them go when they tunred into Painted Lady Butterflies. Anyhow, just a few days ago, they all hatched out of their chrisalids, but not all at one time. One day two came, the next day one, the next day one, and the next day one (they were 5). (You know, usually only 3 out of 5 hatch, but with us, all 5 hatched!) Now that they were all hatched, they decided to let them go free. This happened just today, the same day I went on and came back from my adventure. Anyway, they already had plenty of pictures of them, but they took a video of them leaving. They were beautiful things. Phew! I'm tired from all this typing. I going to take my nap early. Bye!


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