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Gracie Mae`s Day

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april 17th

April 17th 2008 11:22 am
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mom had the day off. she is taking a break from her work, so I told her it was time to do something important. write abot me!

its spring here! grass is growing , the sun is warming up.I like nothing better then to lay in the sun and graze.

winter was hard on everything. especially our favorite shade tree. ice damaged it to the point that mom and dad have been taking it down section by section.

I will miss it when it gets hot.

but overall, life is good!


april 5th

April 5th 2008 4:55 am
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I had not realized how long it had been sence the last time I wrote! shame on mom.

Its trying to turn to spring. I got to eat my first bites of grass yesterday, and it was good to lay in the sunshine! the ground is still alittle chilly but the sun felt good!

life is good


march 7

March 7th 2008 2:11 pm
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I live in a frozen tundra. snow cold ice and then more snow.
I am not liking it. I want my grass. I want my warm sun shine.I want to dig in the dirt.
I`m forgetting what grass tastes like!
I try and curl up in the sunshine that comes thru the window, but its not the same, its not warm! I want to roll on my back and toast my belly!

Mr Ground hog, the humans say this is your fault.
I know where you live, you have a hole down by the edge of the hay field. if I ever get out of the fence, your days are numbered!



Jan 7th

January 7th 2008 8:58 am
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OMD!!!! I want to report puppy abuse!!!

have you seen the pic my mom has up for my main one!!!
how degrading! I`m a princess! we can`t have pics like that!

its bad enough she follows us all over the house with that silly new camera she got for christmas, but thats just not right!

I always wait in the hallyway at the top of the stairs to pounce and play as the humans come up, but this time when I peeked over I got a flash in my eyes!
she cheated!
and have you seen my eyes??????
I have one light brown and one light blue. very pretty, but in the flash I look like some kinda demon!!!

shsh up Dilly

mom says she tried to photo shop them out but I don`t think she knows what she is doing

you just wait till daddy gets home.
I`ll have him make her change it.
I`m not called daddys little princess for nothing!


Dec 26

December 26th 2007 3:25 am
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haven`t been writing in here for a bit, so thought I should

had a wonderfull christmas, mom and dad both had all weekend off, dad goes back today. moms off till the 16th of Jan.

and we have a lot of snow on the ground.its fun to play in at least till my feet get cold.

mom says its time to pack up all the christmas.I sure hope she doenst mean our toys we got too!if so then her new camera goes with it!

Dilly and I were 1st and second in the last part of brain teasers, Dilly was first but only cuz he started playing it before we did

will bark more later


Dec 13th

December 13th 2007 3:15 pm
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guess its been a bit sence I wrote
we have had 2 nasty ice storms. the treees got so covered with ice big peices of them fell! they smashed our fence, but we are just glad they didn`t hit our house. mom and dad spent a day in the rain pulling them back up. but the yard is a mess! and dad says 3 off the trees have to come down.

daddy and I have joined mom and Dilly in a game called brain teasers, Dilly is in the lead, but we are second!

well I`ll write more sooner I promise


nov 27th

November 27th 2007 1:59 pm
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mom thought it was time to write again.
my christmas tree has so many fun gifts under it. thanks to all my wonderfull dogster pals.even if some are for Dilly, I aways steal his toys, so I will enjoy them too.
its getting cold here, but other then the dusting of snow we got on thanksgiving we still have green grass.
mom has our tree up in the house, but so far nothing under it. and the lights are up outside, its pretty when its all lit up.

I also need to thank momma dog ,aka mudder,who makes these wonderfull pics for me on the holidays. it sure beats mom making me wear this stuff.
and I do look cute in it.

all for now


nov 20th

November 20th 2007 5:05 pm
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well, as if Dilly `s head wasn`t big enough, he was AFF dog of the day.
I should probably play there more, but I like my little group with my friends. Pawspot. moms been off work this week but she hasn`t stayed home all day yet,she always has to go somewhere it seems. but at least she is sleeping later. I love sleeping late.

well, its about time for bed so I will write more later


nov 5th

November 5th 2007 11:56 am
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mom had an extra day off so she said it was time for an update in my diary.

things are better now that the monster is once again leaveing Dylan alone. I won`t admit it, but it scares me when that happens to him.

I have my new thanksgiving page thanks to mudder and aunt Vicki.
still don`t have music. mom and dad can`t come up with anything. wish they would hurry can`t be that hard.
its too windy to play outside,it really messes up my hair,moms been buttoning up the house, what ever that means. I think maybe winter is comming back. I`m not a big fan of snow and cold.

sure wish mom would nap in the afternoons like dad does. I like stetching out and snoozing on the warm bed.

well all for now


oct 22

October 22nd 2007 4:15 pm
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chilly here today.
daddys working late again. sure wish he wouldn`t have to do that.
mom said something about the funace but she hasn`t done it yet. wish she would these floors are getting cold!
silly cat wouldn`t play with me.she just curled up in the chair and slept!
and she even put her tail over her eyes! how rude!
well all for now

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