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Gracie Mae`s Day

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September 15th 2008 4:33 am
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OMD diaryof the day how cool is that!!!
thank you HQ

mom had to go to pet land and get a few things, she hates going there but had no choise, only place that sells what she needed. it breaks her heart seeing all those poor puppies.
and all the humans that just dont get it. she wanted to scream.

well, didnt ment to vent just wanted to say thanks



September 11th 2008 3:51 am
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today is the anniversery of my gotcha day.
four years ago I became daddy`s little princess.
sure am glad I was one of the lucky ones and got a wonderfull for ever home.
It makes mom cry sometimes, when she reads about all the poor abused homeless pups.
why are humans so cruel? they have the heart and the brain to do so much good. instead they let greed and power corupt them.
they find the young and the weak and prey on them. instead of teaching and helping them. as if inflicting pain on others makes them feel better about themseves.
only the strong survive.
somehow I`m not sure this is what mother nature ment.


sept 1

September 1st 2008 4:43 am
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ok mom and dad have lost their minds. they brought home a puppy! what in the world is up with that!!!
we don't need a puppy! I`m the baby of this family! and worse yet, Dylan likes him! the traitor!!!!
at least the cat is on my side! she doesnt like him one bit. good kitty.
some of the family came. they didnt come to see me, they came to meet him!
this is just not right.
dont they realize what the next year or so is going to be like? I dont have time for this! training a puppy???

they are nuts!


aug 7

August 7th 2008 4:29 am
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me again.
moms been off this week and she has next week too. yay!
but she says after that the fall classes start and its a very long time till she gets her next break. sure wish she would win the lottery.

even better is the tempys are going down. its not so icky outside so we can spend more time out there
I can steal Dillys toys! thats my favorite thing to do!!

lifes been good!


july 20th

July 20th 2008 4:58 am
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just nagged at mom to update my diary. it has been way to long.

things here could be better,
Dylan has been shaken. he had 12 stopped for 5 days then started again had 8 and now is 2 days free. sure hope he has a long free run this time.

as for me, I`m sassy as ever. entertained my self by poking a toad yesterday, it was fun to make him jump.

hot and humid so spending more time in the house.

well I`ll make mom keep up with this more often.


june 22

June 22nd 2008 6:19 am
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well, as if Dylan`s head wasnt big enough having his picture up in time square on thursday, dogster goes and makes him dog of the day on saturday! jeez la weeze!!! so not fair!!
I bet its cuz of that silly chicken butt thing he wears on his head!

enough about him now about me.
mom had extra time off cuz of all the water. thats been great. next week she has to work some. but not all the time. yay! more time for me!!

over all life has been good for this little princess
a nice pup named ginger even made a beanie hat for me!
how sweet.

all for now


June 3erd

June 3rd 2008 5:04 am
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well, who ever this uncle sam was he still hasnt given mom her money, but she says I go to the vet today anyway.
heart worm and basic check up (sigh)

I had a wonderfull birthday. lottsa gifts from my friends
and while Dilly was pony watchen(dont understand why he likes to do that) mom and me jumped on the bed and played peek a boo. that was fun.

moms about out of stay home days. gotta go back and earn some kibble. wish she would win the lottery. then she could always stay home!

well guess thats all for now.


may 31

May 31st 2008 3:09 am
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mom said its my day......
well, excuse me every day is my day, I am the princess

daddy has to work. so it will be just mom and Dilly most of the day.

happy day to me !!!


may 19th

May 19th 2008 5:28 pm
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Moms off work now for 3 weeks!!!! yay!

its so good to have her home.

yesterday was Dillys birthday, he had a party and really raked in the gifts.
my birthday is comming up, wonder who will remember it.
but I don`t have as many pup pals as dilly does, he wanders all over the boards. I`m more a stay at home kinda girl.

its so nice and sunny out. I have been liking the time I get to lay in the sun!

well all for now,more later.


may 14

May 14th 2008 5:18 pm
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ok, mom has gotten really bad about writing in here for me.
she thinks she should be outside in her flower beds.
I do agree the sunshine is wonderfull, but how long can it take to type out a few words.

she says she iswaiting for some money from uncle sam to take me to the vet for my spring check up.
I have never meet this uncle sam, but if he is paying for the vet visit, I`m going to bite him when I do. that place scares me. and I aways get a couple of "sticks". they hurt!

mom has 2 more days to go earn the kibble, and then she has some time off. so does that mean no kibble?
well if it means she can stay home, I`ll eat a little less.

well till I bark again

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