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M-I-C (see ya real soon!) K-E-Y (Why? Because you taste- good!)

May 29th 2011 9:52 am
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I found a mouse! I was jus 'bout to taste it, but Mom saw me an' came over to see what I gots. It was in the basement while Mom was doin' the washin'. It was so small, barely a snack. Mom said it must be a baby from the two bigger ones she caught in a trap last week. They are gone now, as in not alive no more.

Mom said this happened one time before. A momma mouse who is gonna have babies decides to move into nicer (and warmer) digs an then she has those babies and raids our kitchen at night to feed 'em. Then when the momma is suddenly gone, those babies get hungry an' wander out an die all over the place. Or somethin' like that. This one was on a journey to the buffet an' he din make it.

Mom picked up the tiny guy wif one of our poo bags an' showed him to all the kids an' tol them that you never know if there is a mouse nest in your BEDROOM so you better clean everythin' offa your floor NOW. Then I heard her mumble somethin' 'bout freezin' that baby mouse an' puttin' it out in a kid's bedroom every coupl'a days to get clean rooms. I dunno what that's 'bout. She was smilin' kinda crazy, too. Must be happy to find the cutesy little mouse, huh?

Barked by: Wendy G

May 29th 2011 at 10:10 am

BOLBOLBOL!!! I bet dat wood werk on da kidses!! :D
Sowwy yu dint ged a snack, Buddy :( Whut a wip-off!
Barked by: Roudy (Dogster Member)

May 30th 2011 at 6:25 pm

A mouse! Dat woulda been a great snack!


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