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Look Twice

May 27th 2009 2:33 pm
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. . . before crossing the street? Before eating the garbage? Before charging the cement squirrel in the back garden bed? (ouch) I dunno. Mom is doing some second-looking. She was gone all day to the library researching something. She musta lost it after her first search. Researching must be easier than searching cuz you jus hafta retrace your steps from the last time you searched. I dunno why she'd have to be gone all day to do that.

Then again, I do remember searching all over for my flat squeakie bunny. I jus had it a day ago, then I had to research for it. I found it under the couch, of all places (sneaky bunny) and I gave that bunny a piece of me and tol him to stay out in the open where I could find him. Today, he wasn't under the couch and I had to research him again. But I found him! This time he was hiding under Mom and Dad's big bed.

I think I'll jus tell Mom to be more careful when she searches so she don hafta do it over and over again. Then she can spend more time wif me . . . and flat squeakie bunny. (now where did he go . . . ?)

Barked by: Wendy G

May 28th 2009 at 7:50 am

Yeah, Buddy, dere's sumfing wrong wif your Mom's 'bility to search if she gotta do it all ober again. If it cookies or sumfing, you got BIG problem!! She need help!


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