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Buddy's Beat

Buddy Steps Up to the Plate!

May 1st 2009 7:23 pm
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I loves to step up to the plate . . . and the bowl and the feedbag and the box of Milkbones. But Mom says I gotta step up to the plate and learn how to help Lexie and take good care of her. I gotta warn her when she's gonna bump into sumthin' and clear a path for her and be extra vigilant on security duty cuz she can't see like she used to. I was wonderin' why she wasn't gettin' outta my way like she used to. Normally I don't hafta plow right over her like I been doin' lately. She jus don move! Well, duh! Now I get it.

I better take some time and think about this, make up a plan of action or sumthin'. Let me jus lie down in this bed here . . . ooof! Oh! Lexie! I din see you there lyin' in my, er, in your bed. Uh-oh. You don think I got PRA, too, do you? Let me see . . . how many paws do I have? One, two, three . . . what comes after three? There seems to be one more over three, unless I din count that one back there. Now wait, one, two for sure . . . Mom's eatin' cheese curls! Hey! and Lexie is sittin' underneath me. She should watch where she's lyin' down. Silly girl.

Say, isn't there s'posed to be a plate of cheese curls for me somewhere?


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