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Roman tick

April 20th 2009 12:23 pm
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Gretta just asked me all about the lion dance in my Schnauzer of the Week thread! She is so cool . . . totally cool. I woofs her always and furever. I kinda had to blush under my beard while I answered her question cuz everypup else gets to read it. It is a publick thread. But I am not ashamed of lovin' Gretta. No way evfur! She is the best. And zowie, is she smart! She tol me I was a Roman tick. Lexie said there is medication for that, but I think I must be a real Roman tick cuz I never did take anything to become that. Real Roman ticks don't take medicine to get to be a Roman tick. That's cheatin'. Phooey on Lexie fur sayin' that. I din cheat to get where I am.

Now I am goin' a go to Mom's lucky bug website,, and see what a Roman tick looks like. I bet it has a beard and handsome eyebrows. Yup. The Stud Muffin bug. That is so me.


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