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I've got Tag!

April 2nd 2009 5:26 pm
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I've been tagged by my good buddy Patch, the parti-colored mini! Here's how to play: You write 7 things about yourself and then you tag 7 of your pup pals.

1. I am afraid of water. I will walk a long way just to get around a puddle and I hate baths! Every once and a while I do walk right through a puddle, but only cuz I'm not paying attention. BOL!

2. I go kinda nuts when we're walking and a large truck or bus goes by. Or even a small, loud car. Or some other dog walking across the street. Or a human. Or a squirrel. Or a leaf blowing in the wind. Stuff like that.

3. I love it when Mom or Dad comes outside and chases me around the yard!

4. I am a lot like Patch in that I love to get into the trash. I especially love to chew up used tissues. The gooey centers are just soooo good!

5. I love whatever toy Lexie is playing with. As soon as I see her with a toy, I run over and take it away!

6. I sleep in bed with Mom and Dad. I don't like to be under the covers and I do like to be in the middle - BOL!

7. I will eat anything and I will eat it F.A.S.T! Don't leave anything out that you don't want me to eat!

7 Pup Pals I'm tagging:

☞ Ollie
☞ Skeeter
☞ Skipper
☞ Zubee
☞ Libby
☞ Bonnie
☞ Sassy


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