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March 26th 2009 10:06 pm
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Since our gramma died yesterday, Lexie and I have been trying really hard to be good and comfortin' to the pawrentals. We all miss gramma already and I know Dad is real sad cuz gramma was his mom. So what does Lexie do to help with the sichuation? She pukes in the pawrentals' bed this morning at 5:30! Yeah, way to go. Dad yelled and woke up Mom and then they both jumped out of bed. They quickly got the sheets off and Dad stayed up. Mom lay down on the floor and fell asleep again. Fur real!

Well, I thought that was not such a good way to wake them up, so when I saw an intruder later in the yard, I got on it right away and Lexie followed and we did our job real good. 2nd child opened the back door and called to us to come in, but Mom said, "No! I want the dogs to stay out and get their business done." That made me feel proud, cuz we were sniffing, licking and tasting that bunny like a good business operation. Then second child said, "It's okay. They don't want to come in anyway. They're out there eating something."

Then Mom came to look out the window. That's when everything changed, like a cold front comin' in over the hills is what Mom was like as she ran out the back door with one of our poo bags over her hand (I was just about to explain that I hadn't done that yet) and she scoops up our fresh bunny rabbit! Just like that! Gone. Phooey on that. All her exclaiming about "poor thing" and "musta died of fright." Well a course he died of fright! We scared the raisins outta him!

Mom did seem to be showing an odd mix of pride and disgust, but she bagged up that bunny real good and got rid of him furever. Amen. Talk about fewnerals. We din even get to give him one. Sigh.


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