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Paul Simon for Whacking

March 20th 2009 7:48 am
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Mom was playin' the 'puter music yesterday and there was this song called "Hearts and Bones" by someone named Paul or Simon or someone. I thought it was funny, because Mom's been sayin' how important it is to work hard for your hearts and bones. I loves bones, so my ears perked up. That part was hard to tell, cuz my ears are perky most always, but I'm tellin' you from the inside of them . . . they perked up.

Mom went to a Zumba class last night to work hard for her hearts and bones. Gretta thinks Mom had to go through tunnels and up ramps and sit and stay to get those bones. I dunno about the heart thingy. Maybe they are heart-shapy cookies? She goes to this place called the Whack* to get her heart and bones worked on. Sounds painful to me. Looks painful, too, cuz when she got home last night, she was making those sad little moaning sounds, the lines were showing up in between those sorry little human eyebrows of hers, she was movin' slow and funny like, and she took two little pills before bed. "To make the pain go away," she said. I cuddled her up good. Mom always says I am like a heating pad for old, cold bodies like hers.

Heck, she's almost as old as the President of the United States. That's gotta be way old. It's so hard to see your pawrents suffer, and all for a little heart and bones. Maybe after seein' how hard it is to sit and stay and all that junk, she won't be so stingy with treats wif me?

*Whack = WAC, or WI Athletic Club.


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