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Free Ride

March 6th 2009 3:57 pm
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My sweetest ever girlpup, GrettawettaHoudiniweenie, lives in Cowlumbus and I heard on the news today that President Obama was in Cowlumbus visiting and having donuts with the police people there and that he gave them over a million zealies! It's not what you know, it's who you know, and I have always insisted this was a good thing.

So I told sweet Gretta that she should go right away to the nearest police person and ask if he or she would drive her to Milwalkie for a visit wif me. They have so many zealies in Cowlumbus, they couldn't even buy that many donuts if they wanted to! (Mom says police people don't eat any more donuts than the next person, but I think she's wrong cuz there are lots of police people out there and only one next person.)

I hope Gretta can get a ride here cuz I haven't actually ever met her in the fur and I can't wait to sniff her, um, well, HER. Okay? (I din say anything bad for a 7-year old, Mom. Besides, they all have rear ends just like you and me anyway! Even Mr. Rogers knew that!)

So let's all give a big Arrroooooo for President Obama and the zealies he gave to Cowlumbus and their police force so they can shofer my sweetie pie to my door. Yay!


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