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February 9th 2009 7:02 am
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When Mom went to get the van out this morning to drive the kids to school, I jumped in, thinking I might get an opportunity to find my sweet Gretta. I was real good. I only jumped down onto 4th child's compound machines project once. I only cracked a small piece of it. He shouldn'a had that on the floor where I was gonna jump, but I don't think I broke it all the way. It's not like he worked all weekend on it or sumpthin' like that. Just all day Sunday. So, as I was sayin', I was real good.

Mom dropped off one kid at the big school and then we came back near home to the corner where 4th child gets his bus. Mom opened her door and got out, and then 4th child picked up his project, opened the door and was about to get out, when I dashed out ahead of him! My sweet Gretta! I jus know we were very close to Cowlumbus at that point. I could smell her on the winds that wafted across my face. Or was that exhaust from the car that just drove by? I'm not sure, but I am banking on my sweet Gretta.

Wouldn't you know it. There was Mom, right on my tail. She grabbed my collar and collared me. I turned green with longing for my sweet Gretta. I guess you could say I was collared green. Sigh.

I will find you some day, my sweet girlpup. I won't stop until I get to you. Oh, hey - there's a squirrel right in our yard! Why, I oughtta - - - gotta go!


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