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Tacos de Tripas y Cabezas

February 1st 2009 6:24 pm
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Mom went out for Tacos with Oscar the rottweiler's mom yesterday. Mom told me that she had ordered tacos de tripas y cabezas.

What are tripas y cabezas? Mom pointed to her head and her tummy. What's up with that? That din tell me nuthin'.

Sooooooo (I am a very smart pup), I trotted on over to and looked up "tacos de tripas y cabezas."

No entries found. I think Mom is making this up.

So then I went to the AltaVista BabelFish website and started looking for a translation. First I had to ask Lexie what language that was and she said it was taco language. Then I asked Mom what language taco was cuz I din see taco language listed at the translator site. She said it was Spanish, which is what my sweet girlpup Gretta's mom knows all about, though I thought that was Spanich. But never mind.

I put "tacos de tripas y cabezas" into the BabelFish translator and it told me that it meant . . . are you ready for this?

TACOS OF GUTS AND HEADS. No lie. I think I could get into that!

Mom said she liked the tripas taco better than the cabeza taco. She said the cabeza taco meat was kinda mushy. I thought a "head taco" would be crunchy, but I guess it was just the insides, not the crunchy outside part.

IMHO, they should be making these things out of squirrels.


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