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Buddy's Beat


February 1st 2009 3:26 pm
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My good pal Harley Davidson tagged me!

Now I have to tell you 5 funny things about me that you might not know. Then I will pass the football to 5 of my pals and they hafta do the same - write out their 5 funny things and tag 5 more friends!

1. I love stinky hooman underwear.

2. Lexie does not own one of the toys in this house. They are all MINE.

3. I love to chew on stuff - pencils, Legos, ipods, undergarments (see #1), dolls - you name it, I chews it!

4. Mom has a pet name for me . . . Meathead! How cool is that?

5. I sometimes try to fake my bad breath by eating something really really nasty so that I can have a breath mint cookie!

I am tagging the following pups

McBeach's Peachnut Strudel

Good Luck!!!!


Buddy Grau


Family Pets

Zwei Schnauzer


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