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Stop Pugging Me!

January 1st 2009 9:52 am
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Every time I try to talk to my sweet girlpup, Gretta, that nosy panting Pug pops up on a side banner ad and makes me nauseous. I tried refreshing my page and finally got a different ad for Angels' Eyes. Then I started to think that Angels' Eyes was just spying on me for the Pug. That would be like a Pug. (Sorry. I just said that cuz I'm mad. I have never met a Pug and I bet we would be good pals. I'm letting my emoticons get away from me.)

I think he wants my Gretta (like who wouldn't?), but I am not gonna stand or sit or roll over for that! I finally clicked him right on the nose, found his pawrents and pmailed them direct at Here is my actual pmail to the Pugslys:


My name is Buddy and I am a miniature schnauzer, salt and pepper, age 2. I do a lot of business (not that kind) on and I see your ads there often. We are also your customers cuz my mom buys our heartworm meds from you.

I just wanted to talk to you about that panting Pug dog I see on your side banner ads on He is making me nauseous. I am finding it very difficult to post love letters to my girlpup, Gretta, with that pug watching me and panting and bobbing slightly up and down. First I just got kinda sick. Now I think he has it for my Gretta and he is just spying on me to get to her. He is making me mad. Can you pawlease call him home? He has been out way too long. Someone, somewhere, must be missing him badly. I won't.

Thank you.


Buddy Grau


Buddy Grau


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