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December 28th 2008 7:19 pm
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First of all, we just lost our pal Murphy and we want to send peace and healing to his Mom and family. He was such a great pal, always ready with a kind word or a rosette. He is gonna be missed, big time.

Next, I have a couple new items to report on, or, to avoid the dangling preposition, "on which to report." Hmph! Go and try to correct my grammar, will ya? Lexie thinks I don't know how to write good. Phooey!

First of all, a friend of Mom's brought over his Wii this afternoon for our human kids to borrow for a while. Mom took this little steering wheel and drove someone named Mario off a cliff. Not just one time, but lots of times. Then she had a convulsion, but I think it was only a voluntary one cuz she looked really happy doin' it. I thought she was gonna pee on the rug! I kin say that, can't I? Even seven-year-olds prolly sometimes pee on the rug, so I think it's okay. Mom may not like it, but she looked ready to do it. I know how that feels.

Second, we are going to Oma's house tomorrow! Mom wanted us to stay here and have "people" come and let us out and feed us and walk us, but we just wanted to be with Mom and the family. Then Dad suggested we go to the kennel up north by Oma like we did that one time last winter! Horrors! Mom put her paw down and said No. Now we are going up to see Oma and her stinky cat, Gypsy. I love Oma, but I don't love stinkin' Gypsy. I think I could maybe be friends with a cat, espeshully if they met me half-way. Gypsy doesn't do nuthin of the greeting stuff. She makes a noise like a deflating tire and then she tries to shred my face. I don't think that is half-way at all, and if it is, I would hate to see what "all the way" looks like. No thank you. So Mom is gonna be on the lookout to protect both us and Gypsy. I think Gypsy can protect herself very good. Mom better be protectin' us! Mom says we are the guests and we must behave. We will be on Gypsy's turf. Gypsy, IMHO, is not a gracious host like my Oma.

But it is good we can go along and not have to stay home and have neighbor C feed us every morning, and then Opa walk us once and neighbor G walk us once or twice and neighbor C feed us again and let us out before bed and then maybe neighbor J walk us and . . . you get the idea? I will just go in the basement if that is how they want to do it. But it's okay cuz now we get to go along. Happy sigh.


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