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New Chew Toy? NOT!!

December 22nd 2008 11:24 pm
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Mom was working on her computer and I was lying on my big bed right behind her. She was engrossed in her work and I din want to bother her, so I found a new chew toy and set to work a-chewin' on it (no, not sneezing on it). Mom stopped and turned to look at me and all of a sudden gave a loud yell at me and ran over and took away my new chew toy! Then, to injury to insult, she shooed me right offa my bed and out the room! She said it wasn't my chew toy and that I had destroyed her grippy exercise thingy that the physical therapist had given her to help with her tendonitis in her elbows. Now, how was I supposed to know this? Fourth child left the thing on the bed. I figured it was mine.

It wasn't a very good chew toy anyway. For one thing, it chewed right up in pieces instead of remaining a good chew toy. It din taste good either. I hope Santy Paws gets me a better chew toy for Christmas. That one wasn't worth the yelling at I got. Hmph!


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