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December 12th 2008 7:39 pm
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Her name . . . is Gretta. Sweet, sweet Gretta. Sigh. I asked her to be my girlpup and she said yes! And then I passed out and hit my head on the floor, but that is another story, one which I will save for another day (or not at all).

I have always teased my sister Lexie about having a boypup (Zubee), but I guess I'll have to stop doing that now . . . now that I have met the girlpup of my dreams!

You just have to have a look at her, but that's all, okay? She is, after all, my girlpup. And take special notice of her lovely ears. Have you ever seen such wonderful sticky-up ears as my sweet Gretta's? Oh, my! I feel dizzy again! *WUMP!* (Buddy kisses carpet again)

2 minutes later . . .

oiyoiyoiyoiy - shakes head - ears flap all over and cause minor jet stream disturbance -

Well, hello! Did I fall over again? Oh, my dear Gretta . . . She does that to a pup!


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