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November 19th 2008 7:22 am
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Mom didn't go to bed last night before the thermostatic thingy on the wall turned itself down to 60 until morning.* That means she got cold and then couldn't warm up once she finally got into bed. Well, as if I din have enuff sponsibilities around here, now I have been relegated to heading pad!

I normally sleep on top of the covers, nestled in the valley between Mom and Dad. Last night Mom reached up out of that valley and woke me up! Then she dragged me down underneath the blankets and shoved me up against her freezin' cold self! Gee whiz! She was dang cold. What next, Mom? Bring you your slippers and newspaper in the morning? Sheeesh.

Thankfully Mom did fall asleep and I was able to sneak back out from under there to my special spot and by morning after Dad left for work, Lexie had taken his place under the covers so Mom could wake up to stinky sister dog breath in her face. BOL!

*For those of you southerners, there was a dusting of snow on the ground over the past day and a half and the temps got down below 20 degrees the past two nights. We have these things called furnaces in our houses that make big fires in the basement (and scary noises, too) and they push heat into the rooms of the house. The thingy on the wall can be set to warm up the house in the morning, then cool it off while the humans aren't home during the day (never mind the dogs are home!) and then warm up a bit when the kids get home from school and cool back down at night. This saves energy and therefore money so that we can keep in kibble. Our house is 67 during the "warm" times and 60 during the main part of the day and at night.


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