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November 16th 2008 9:08 am
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Mom took fourth child to a sneak preview of a new movie called Bolt last night. It is about this dog who stars in a TV series with his girl, Penny, and for all he knows, this TV series is his real life. He is a "super dog," which is kinda redundant if you ask me, or like if you ask any pup you know, but this movie was made by humans, for humans, so go figure. A small cultural goof on the director's part, but we will forgive him because he did make the dog the star as he should be. Always and forever.

So the dog becomes separated (he runs away, but not on purpose) from his owner (co-star) and accidentally gets shipped across the country from Hollywood to New York City. The whole movie is kinda predictable cuz he has to get back to Penny and has adventures and meets other species along the way. He also learns that his role on the TV is not his real life cuz he didn't know that and this is a bit hard on him at first, as it would be for anypup.

Bolt is apparently not bilingual, so he is voiced over by some unknown guy named Travolta. At least the lips match up. Hate that when the lips don't match up.

I think you should take your human kids and go see it, and don't forget your largest purse so you can take your dog as well. He will thank you for it.


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