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Oh, Did I Lose?

November 8th 2008 12:09 pm
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Oh, I guess I lost that election thingy. Gretta was just talking to me about it recently and I forgot to ask Mom how many votes I had received. I did not end up winning, as some of you may realize. Someone named O'Bama won instead. I think we had an Irish president before, Kennennedy someone or other. Anyway, Mom says I lost by about a billion to zero.

I asked Mom what a billion is cuz I do remember that having something to do with soup, but she said it is a number with lots of zeros in it. If I got zero, then the race must have been rather close. I hear Mr. Irishman had lots of bones and spent them all trying to win, so that may be why I lost cuz I have no bones. I'm not spineless; I just don't have bones to toss around is all. Mom said politicians are often spineless. Mr. O'Bama must not be spineless cuz he had so many bones to spend, although we hope he's not spineless now after spending all those bones. I dunno.

Despite losing the election, I sure learned a lot about our country's political system and the electoral university. My mom is in grad school, but I don't think she goes to that one. Her school just has a bunch of letters in the name and they don't spell anything that I recognize, which is crazy if you ask me, but Lexie does say I have recognition problems. She might have a point, but I'm not sure.

If you want to learn more about politics, you sure should visit my pal Gretta's page cuz she knows lots and has very good strategies about winning stuff like elections and pupularity contests and best in shows. She's very smart for such a young pup. Now we can all concentrate on the next election: Mr. President-winner's new puppy! He promised his kids he would let them bring a puppy to the White Dog House when they move in after Santa Paws comes and the new year begins and that other guy moves out. We schnauzers can sniff out terrierists like no one else and we are good at pretending to kill squirrels and other vermin, too.

I hope the first lady and her first kids pick out a schnauzer, preferably a black and silver, which we all know would make a good unifying color statement. Gretta told me that is important to humans. Pawsonally, I don't think color matters. I think if the new dog smells good, that's fine and dandy.

Well, Gretta and I are discussing canine campaign options for 2012. There's a zero in there as well, so that's a good sign. I'm gonna start saving my bones, maybe. I buried a Milkbone in the back yard once and come to think of it, when I dug it back up - it was gone! I couldda sworn it was invisible because it smelled just as if it were still there, but it was nowhere. Lexie said I should never bury those things cuz of dissolvtion. Dissolvtions must be vermin, too. More thought necessary. But first, a nap.


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