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Fall is Fun

October 18th 2008 1:39 pm
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Fall is great fun! I forgot just how much fun it was, but there are squirrels and leaves falling from trees and maybe even squirrels falling from trees, I'm not sure if they fall in the fall, too, but I would be game for that. Mom got one to fall outta a tree in our yard this past year, but it very unfortunately for us landed just outside our fence insteada inside it. Phooey! I think if leaves can fall outta trees, then squirrels can, too. Especially if they are full of nuts and kinda loopy on the feastin' and all. If they get too many of our neighbor's black walnuts in them, they will get all cheek-heavy and lose their balance. That would be so cool!
My pal Finnegan said he has been able to get into a few of the black walnuts that are falling around his house (please wear a hard hat if this is happenin' by you cuz those things could seriously hurt a pup) and he says the nutmeats are very tasty. I have found a couple kinda open ones, and they smell suspiciously like squirrel-breath, but I haven't had the chance to taste them yet. I will make that a privority, which means I will do it first opportuna I get. I will let you know what they taste like, but Madeline says not to eat the outer husks cuz they are not good for pups' tummies. Mom says they also dye your skin dark brown. I am salt and pepper and would not appreciate the addition of brown at this point in my life. Maybe when I am an older pup I will want to dye my hair brown. That seems to be what salt and pepper hoomans do anyway.
Did you know that there is an author who lives in our very self-same city named Lois Ehlert and she wrote a kid's book called "Nuts to You" which features a local squirrel who happened to get into her home for real. Talk about cheeky squirrels! It's a nice book. The squirrel looks very real, but he is flat and doesn't smell real. Oh, well. Nuts to that.


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