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October 6th 2008 6:14 pm
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Mom's ankle still isn't so good so we're not getting our walkies. This is a travesty. It's autumn here in Wisconsin, the leaves are turning colors, the *squirrels* are gathering nuts and the mice are making tunnels in our yard under the fallen leaves. It's just super out there, but do we get our regular two walks a day? No! I know it's not Mom's fault that her ankle hurts, but second child could at least walk us at night before bed. Mom even made barbecued ribs tonight for dinner, one of second child's favorites, but does he want to take me out for a romp? No! I want to bite him! Or at the very least jump up on him while he's sleeping tonight and lick the barbecue sauce offa his face. Yeah. That's what I'm gonna do.

Mom goes to the doctor tomorrow so he can look at her ankle and see why it's fancy colors instead of just pinky-peach like the other one. It looks kinda like a jelly donut, except the kinds without holes in the middle and one that might have kinda a thin layer of sugary pastry on top so you can see what flavor jelly is underneath, which in this case would be grape or blueberry, or maybe even poisonberry, or boysenberry, or whatever that is. Maybe I should lick her ankle, just in case it IS jelly in there. Yum!

*are you playing the Milkbone game?


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