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Bus Eats Children (news at 11)

September 18th 2008 7:15 am
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Mom still is having trouble figuring out why I go nuts at school buses (and other assorted large machinery). I don't know why she doesn't see it, but it is obvious. Buses eat people. Every morning we walk 4th child down to this corner and wait around with another Mom and her kid and every morning the bus comes and eats them. I know kids are squirmy and sometimes rather tart or nasty, so I'm pretty sure that's why those buses keep spitting them out again. The pawrents just sit there and let it happen, day after day after day. Not a concern in the world! I think this is because children are tiring and Moms need a break, plus they must have noticed like I did that the kids keep getting spit out.

I have seen big people get eaten by buses as well. Sometimes when we go somewhere with Mom in the van, I will see big humans getting eaten up by different buses. Mom even said she has gotten eaten by a bus - like every week when she goes to those "night classes." Must be like Jonah - all gross and stuff to get spit up and out of a bus. So far I have never seen a dog or cat get eaten by a bus, but Lexie has. She saw this guy with a white stick and a big German Shepherd get eaten once. Even a big, burly old German Shepherd couldn't protect his master from the jaws of the bus!

Mom is so not getting this. I am gonna keep barking my furry head off until she gets the message. Why put people through this kind of awful stuff every day? I just will never understand a human.

*Mom: "obviously."


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