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Ambush Make-over

September 7th 2008 12:41 pm
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Mom called my name and I came running (good boy!) to show Mom my pink "lips." First child (age 16 with blue hair, 'nuff said) thought it would be "cute" to give me a makeover. NOT. I couldn't stop licking my beard, trying to get the color and taste off. Mom was mad cuz she didn't want me to get sick or have an allergic reaction to the stuff. First child informed Mom (with attitude) that all of her makeup was "Vegan," whatever that is. Mom immediately countered with, "That means it has never been tested on animals!"

Until now.

Mom ordered a bath - stat. Sheeeesh. I hates baths. I mean really and truly, more than your average dog, which I have never been, btw. So, cuz first child played with my fur and thought it was funny, and I ran to tell on her, I am the one who has to have the bath. Now I stink and Lexie is laughing at me cuz the pink isn't totally gone. First child said it was "good" lipstick cuz it didn't come off so easily.

What is this family coming to?


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