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The Chi Has Shifted, but the Fruit Loops Lie Still

August 31st 2008 7:33 pm
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My sister came home from the hospital tonight and it is as if the chi is flowing again through our house. When she got sick, all the chi seemed to pool in a corner of our bedroom like a pile of wet leaves against the schoolyard fence on a late fall day.

Mom: My Buddy, but that was poetic.

Thanks Mom. Now that Lexie is home, I am feeling spired in. While she was gone, I felt expired.

Mom: Spired in? Do you mean inspired?

I'm not sure, but I feel all poetry all of a sudden. It's like the house was sorta sideways there for a while, and Lexie walked back in the door and now the Fruit Loops don't roll across the floor anymore, ya know what I mean?

Mom: Yes, Buddy. I know exactly what you mean.


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