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GAD - egad!

August 20th 2008 7:37 pm
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I don't know what those judges are talkin' about on that Greatest American Dog show. I think those dogs are just waiting to get outta that place and have a good time. And a border collie wins the herding game tonight? Well, what a big surprise that was! It's fun to be critical here from the safety of my big bed. Lexie taught me that much. I learned it good.

Mom's watchin' the 'lympics now - wimmen divers. I can't watch cuz when they stand there facing backwards and then jump up and start spinnin', I'm just sure as shootin' they are gonna hit their little melon heads on that platform and splat all over the pool. Mom says it's not fair to have a waist that is slimmer than your muscular thighs, but I think my waist was thinner than my muscular thighs when I first came to this wonderful home. I distinctly remember the kind veterinarian saying those five words to me, "He has to gain weight." Oh, the joy of that moment! Oh the joy of those kibble-filled weeks that followed!

But that diving into a pool stuff, there is no way I would even climb up there. I wouldn't even go into that room with all that water. No sir, not me. Oh, their heads are just missing that platform by the width of a teenie Greenie! I can't look!


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