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Concert in the Park

July 31st 2008 9:12 pm
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Mom took us along to the local public park for one of the free summer concerts they have there every three weeks. Tonight was what they call a jazz band. People and dogs all over the place! The smell of cajun cooking and bratwurst in the air. I even watched as some small human let go of her helium balloon and it gently wafted up and up and over the trees. Mom noticed me staring off into space and my eyes going slowly up, and she turned to see what the heck I was looking at. A blue balloon. Amazing. How do they do that?

I met Mini, resident overweight yet still gorgeous little schnauzer girl who lives across from this park, her brother Mickey the dachshund, a Cock-a-poo, a couple little white fluffy things, an Italian greyhound, a golden, a bunch of others I couldn't identify and a bunch of mutts. They were all really fun. I met Abby who is this big shepherd-mix that her owner just rescued from somewhere north of here. He just got her last week and she is doing great. She was a bit skittish yet so I didn't get to play with her. She is a good ending story. She had mange and fleas and other bad stuff, but someone took her to a shelter and fixed her up and now she has a really good home here. Lucky girl! Just like me and Lexie.

We were at that park until it got really dark outside - nearly three hours! I was so tired when I got home, but I still took time to play with first child a bit before doing this post. Now I am going to fall asleep and dream of playing with all those doggies again, and maybe finding piles of dropped bratwurst in the grass. Ahhhhhhh. Sweet.


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