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July 17th 2008 10:01 pm
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I am feeling better today, though I got lots of extra cuddles and even more rice tonight, with chicken mixed in! Yummy. I know Lexie got a turkey neck again cuz I got shoved out in the yard with Jenna and then I could smell that nasty smell on the kitchen floor when we were finally let back in. It's some cleanser spray with bleeeeech in it. It sure smells like bleeeeech.
But I had two nice walks and even romped a bit - not the full bit, but a bit of a bit. Jenna goes home tomorrow and I'm sad cuz I missed out on at least two days of playing with her cuz I was sick. And Jenna is excellent at playing, not like Lexie. Almost as fun as playing with my rott pal, Oscar. I hope she comes again so I can wrestle and romp with her again. I told Lexie to watch how Jenna plays and take mental notes, but she just walked away, even as I was talking to her. I am afraid that she will never play with me. Sigh.
I am tuckered out now and have to go back to bed. It's been a long couple of days and I want to have time before I fall asleep to think long and hard about what I would like for breakfast - kibble or rice and chicken? Then I can plan how I will need to act in the morning to get my choice of entree. This will take some serious work to get my mood and my look just right, even down to the bend in my right ear. I have to remember to let both ears flop cuz that is the ultimate push-over maneauver. Sigh. So much to think about and do!


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