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It's Not Easy Being Me

July 8th 2008 7:43 am
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Lexie got to sneak into the library again with Mom this morning. I was not allowed to come. Mom says I am irrepressible and to sneak into the library successfully, one has to be repressible. I told her just to stuff me into a grocery bag and repress me in there like Lexie and I would tow the line.
No dice.
No fair!
You know what else is not fair? I had to sit in the kitchen on Monday and just watch as Lexie ate a turkey neck. Mom says because I gobbled my last one and didn't chew it up enough, and because I then got a microscopic abrasion in my innards and a resultant infection, requiring a vet trip and a 7-day round of antibiotics, I am not allowed turkey necks, at least for now. I say that rots! It sure looked good and it was very hard for me not to run over and grab that neck away from Lexie like so many rubber squeaky toys. Mom stationed herself in between me and sis, so I had to behave. When Lexie was done, I went over to her immediately and licked the kitchen floor all around her. As if it weren't hard enough to miss out on my own turkey neck, Mom quickly came under the table with some sort of super-nasty smelling spray and cleaned up the entire good-smelling area. Just add insult to injury, would ya?!
Mom then gave both of us a breath mint. Not even a Greenie! Mom says we're out of those. Sigh. It's not easy being irrepressible.


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