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First Fourth

July 1st 2008 8:32 pm
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This will be my first Fourth of July in my new home. I was adopted on July 14th of last year, so my family has never seen my response to major fireworks. This oughtta be interesting. So far I have been fine with thunder and lightning, though this past month we had a lot of it and I did seem to be a bit trembly during some of the bigger storms. Lexie has never seemed bothered by any of it. I figure it's cuz she can make enough noise of her own when she feels like it. Wimmen!

I'm just a teensy bit worried about what it will sound like and if it will make me scared. Mom says not to worry cuz it's only noise and won't hurt me. She says the pretty colors in the sky are fun to look at. She also told me that I can hide under the bed if I don't like it. I'm just gonna try and act cool and if I have to hide, I am sure not gonna let Lexie see me do it. I am two years old now, for Pete's sake!


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