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June 25th 2008 3:00 pm
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My pal Kirby and I were discussing local cuisine, aka cheese up here and chile down there, to be specific. He said he'd give us some recipes and we said we'd give him some. Then our Mom's can do neat stuff in the kitchen and we might get to lick the spoons or pans or oven or somethin'. How cool is that?

To be honest, I think I might have to wait a day or two before trying anything new. I had the vet yesterday and the groomer today and now I am kinda lying around and not acting like my normal, bouncy, leader-of-the-pack (Lexie says bossy), energetic and irrepressible self. In fact, I have spent most of the day lying here in Lexie's bed on the floor. She's not happy about that, either.

Well, it just might be a good old pot of chile that I need to get me back in the program. Mom says I just had too much with those three shots and then the stress of being bathed, dried, trimmed, plucked and squeezed (yuck!). I do hate water, so she may have a point. I do hate the hair dryer, so she may have another point. No one likes the squeezing part, so she may have yet another point. My point is, I am looking forward to my southwestern pal's recipes. Kirby is really smart and always gives me good advice, so when he says chile is really, really good, I trust him completely. I gotta rest up now so that I can help Mom make chile as soon as the recipe arrives!!! Arrrrooooo!


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