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Who's a Good Boy?

June 24th 2008 3:09 pm
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Me! Me! Me! Mom says the question should be Who's a Big Boy? I survived my trip to the vet today and guess how much I weigh?

19 pounds!

Last year at this time I weighed only 13 pounds. Mom brought me home about 11 months ago and started to give me good food to eat. I also found more good food to eat under the bunny hutch, in the compost bin, under the kitchen table and in the boys' bedroom after teen boy pigged out on pizza and then fell asleep - BOL! Anyway, back in April I was 17-something pounds. The doc says I still look just right. Mom says I need to stay at this weight and since she has been feeding me the same amount now for over half a year, she is gonna cut back just the teensiest bit to keep me level. I told her I did not like that idea one little stinky bit! I am a growing boy! We'll just see about her plan. I need to figure out how to do this "thwarting" thing. Better ask Kirby again. He knows all about this kind of sly stuff. Lexie would only laugh at me cuz she gets half the food I get already. She will not be an ally. I need an ally.

Anyway, I got three shots today: bad temper, babies and portabella. I have no clue what they are supposed to do, but Mom assured me they are good for me in the long run. I guess that means I can run longer on them. Like an Olympic athlete using steroids, maybe? If I run the long run, I will win? What about short runs? Mom said long run, short run and even the runs. Huh? Well, in any case, I survived and got a treat afterwards from Mom. The shots didn't even really hurt that much at all. I was so glad to have that vet visit over that I came home and peed on Mom's carpet - right behind where she was standing! How bold is that?! I didn't mean to do it. It just happened. Mom was mad and shoved me out of the room so she could clean it up. I'm sorry, Mom. I just got overly excited is all.

Mom says I need to control my bladder. I think that's just easy for her to say. She must agree with me on that point because she said it again, and even again, just to show how easy it was to say. What's a bladder?


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