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Pups DO Makes Passes . . .

June 18th 2008 10:04 am
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at Moms who wear glasses! Mom got her new glasses today and they have these nice sky blue sticks on them. I ran up and sniffed them and asked her what they tasted like. Mint? Blueberries? Whoa - did I get a stern lecture! Apparently I can't eat them, bite them, taste them or even lick them. Mom said some very inconsiderate things about what she would do to me if I tried any of this. I bet this means they taste really, really good and she just wants to save them for herself. I've seen humans sucking on those sticks before. Then they put them back around their ears for safekeeping, no doubt. Come to think of it (I do this sometimes), Mom is always telling the littler kids not to leave their glasses on the floor. "Put them up high where they are safe."

I gotta go and ask a few pals about this latest of my discoveries. I wonder if any of them have ever tasted these sticks on human glasses. Kirby might know, or maybe Greta Grace. Just one more thing those tricky humans are trying to keep away from us. One more delicious snack they are hoarding for themselves!


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